Slept at 6am in the morning

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Guess what I was doing the whole night?! Making the blogskin of my favourite TV episode, Gossip girl!!!!!

Click to preview
Totally love it!  

Came back yesterday from Giant with my family.
My red spectacles is now fixed! Super happy. Hehehe.

And I bought stick-on handphone diamonds to stick on my handphone!!!!!!

Pretty?? :)

Tomorrow is our GCE O levels english oral, (for real now) and I'm really nervous!!
What if I laugh in the middle of the conversation?! (People who know me well will know I tend to do this sometimes)

What if I made a tiny little error?? (stammer, stop, laugh, whatever)

Such tiny little things can bring down my marks can..

Argh!! I shall disturb my neighbours this evening.
It'll be their worst evening ever!! (Especially that stupid dog beside my house)

I'm gonna talk to myself. :)

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