"Studying" at McCafe..

Sunday, August 02, 2009

This is the result of bringing your laptop to McCafe when you're supposed to be revising your work.

I feel so guilty!!! :(
Anyway, we saw Marinah while jogging!

Haha, felt abit embarassed coz Thadshayiniy and I were holding onto bubble teas as part of our encouragement to jog longer but in the end it failed!

I can't believe my brother went for Festival of Praise!!!! (Refer to previous post)
It's so.............. weird. Lol.

I found some of my childhood photos when Thadshayiniy was over my house today, hehehe.

Wow. I am such a beautiful child HAHA

Looking disturbed

Eating my drumstick happily HEHEHE
(Don't know why eat drumstick also want to take photo -_-)

There's also this photo of me (when I was 4/5/6 years old?) in a bikini at Pasir Ris Central -_-
And I was standing on the table holding onto the pole.


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