Friday, September 04, 2009

Finally, I'm done with the layout!

When I went home after school this afternoon, I immediately on the computer and started making it!
My very first animated layout, pretty anot?! :)

Hahahaha, btw there's a new ride at the second floor of Ehub!
It's called Mini Rider 2 and supposingly, it's 3D...?

Thadshayiniy and I were walking to Cup walker and without much consideration we just decided to try it!!


Some people might not like it.. (I guess they chose the wrong one)

Feels abit real, because there're a lot of movement, wind etc.
GO try!!

I'll be uploading the photos from Jiawen's birthday later or something.
Blogger's being a bitch again, argh.

I've already uploaded on Facebook so you can check it out here: Click click

Feeling so dizzyyyyy.

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Let me know your thoughts! :)

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