Happy Teachers Day and Happy Birthday Jiawen! :)

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Okay, I know Mrs Ong read my blog occasionally, so I shall ask this question here:

(Teacher's Day)

Walao wei :(

Anyway, today we had Teacher's day celebration :)
It was very entertaining, especially the part when the councillors imitated the teachers (Ms Chua, Mr Singh, etc)

After school, initially we wanted to skip P.E lesson but went back and stayed in school until 4pm+!!!!!!

Can you believe it?
Other schools end school at 11am/1pm blah blah whatever shit and we still have normal lessons going on..

Oh yeah, got back our CCA grades.
I got................. D7.

Aiya nvm, since we were hungry we went to subway to grab lunch and headed home after that.
I play with Gongxi!!!!

Let him out in the rolling ball ball and he roll so fast!!

I felt so much better after talking to my hamster, love him!!!!!!

Btw, happy birthday Jiawen!! (Official in 7 minutes time :) Go wish her!)

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