hoGc's BBQ

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Well, our holiday wasn't that well deserved this September..

It's all about homework, revision, studying, remedials, supplementary classes and lessons!

Yes, it's near the corner.
As each day passes by, the tension is getting stronger too..

Yesterday was hoGc's BBQ, it was somehow a time for us to take a break from all the suffocating revision and homework!

It was a blast by the way! :)
Super fun!

While waiting for 196 bus :)

Eddy, me, Jessie!

Hahaha, that's a girl's thing to do..


And more.... :S

Hoohoo and Jessie!

Can you see his apple-wrapped wound? (knee)

A close up..

Me and Jessie!

Oops, more again!

When we reached there, we started playing some ice breaker games to introduce ourselves to everyone.

Very funny lor!! Especially the "blow wind blow" game!
Anyway, the sun was setting soon so we got down to 'work' because we didn't want to give it a miss!

Cherry, Jessie and me! :)

Awesome sunset (perfect background to take photos!!)

Jessie, Adriena, Cherry and me!

At the breakwater


Me! My hair is so weird can -_-

Eagle (I see Aloysius flying around :D)


Jolene, Nicole, Adriena, Cherry, me, Iris, Cheryl, Jessie, Danette and...
(SORRY! I forgot the name :S)

Wenfeng's unglam shot

Amos blocking our jumpshot!


Haha, then after that we went to Macdonalds to get some food..
Iris treated Cherry and me to double cheese burgers!!!


And she was talking in china and malaysian accent, super funny!

We took photos along the way :D

Drive drive drive

CHIO! Hahahahah

Wanted to act vintage.. but I kinda failed -_-

Iris look so excited! Jessie looks like her hand is stuck inside the machine, lol!!

Yayness! :)

After a whole day of activities, we were so tired lor.
We had games at night, and there were games like passing the food, soccer and blowing of the ball into the other bowl..

We had lots of fun!

And I'll end this post with..................................................

A tired shot of us :)

No mood to blog now.. I can't shake this awful feeling.

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