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Friday, September 04, 2009

(Jiawen's birthday :))

Apparently, the following below are her victims..
Look at their faces -_-

Seems like Jiawen's the only happy one, HAHA!

Victim 1: "Is this some sort of joke?"
Victim 2: "Got cameras anot? Just for laughs ah?"

Me, Aqilah, Lester and Thadshayiniy
(Lester looks like the 7th month ghost -_-)

Haha, Jiawen's 3rd dareee!

The red man's so tall..

Look at her party hat OMG. She walked at Orchard road with it!
(Lol, look like those mentally unsound patient who has not celebrated
her birthday for years.. Hehehehe. She's gonna kill me if she sees this :))

But I still love her can!! I still remember the times we skipped the entire home ec lessons
just to laugh in the toilet -_-


When going home with Aqilah and Geraint, we went to Forever 21 awhile and I bought a pair of earrings from Forever 21!!!!!

I think I have a fetish for huge earrings..
I love it :)

Pretty huge earringsssss~

Lastly, I shall end the post with my baby darling hamster, GONGXI PNG!!!

The cutest, fattest, wobbliest, clumsiest, sweetest hamster in the world :)

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