Top 5 things I want to do after O levels

Friday, September 25, 2009

After the O levels, I'll be probably in Malaysia..
(But I'll still be in Singapore for prom night la)

So, there're so many things I want to do in Malaysia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But I'll just write about the top 5 things ;)

1) Dye my hair

In malaysia, I would watch my mother happily dying her hair and I'd stand one side and ask her, "Mummy can I dye a little bit?"

Then she'd object to the idea and start to talk about school rules, etc.. This time, I can dye already!!!!

2) Watch movies with my cousin

Hopefully, she can take some time out of her hectic schedule and we can go watch something girly and hilarious!!

It's always fun spending sometime with my cousin :)

3) Change new hairstyle (Considering)

I am quite sick of my long hair..........
Anyway there's global warming thus making me even warmer with my long hair so it's time for a change!!

4) Convince Aunt to bring us to Langkawi

I really want to go Langkawi after watching this Hongkong movie that featured Sammie cheng and some handsome guy and they ended up marrying and live happily ever after :(

I am NOT going there because of the possibility of meeting a handsome guy, but because of the beautiful place okay!!

There's no way Singapore's beaches can be compared to their beaches because their sand is so white and fine! The water is super clear and blue too...


5) KISS MY BABY COUSIN (This is absolutely a must)

This is not an option, but a compulsory act.

Her chubby cheeks are super HUGE and she smell so nice!!
But like everyone, she will tend to smell abit weird at times..

Especially the cloth around her neck (Is it called baby bib?)
It smells like vomit and I feel like vomiting when I get a whiff of it.


But all these smelly moments usually don't occur that frequently, because she smells like a real baby most of the time!

I miss her :(

Anyway, yesterday when I woke up from my afternoon nap, I felt as if my whole body was on fire and my throat was killing me, not to mention my headache..

So I measured my temperature and it was a freaking 38.8 degree celcius!!

And the next day (which is today) was geography paper.
How was I supposed to stay up and mug for the paper with my fever?

Luckily my mother gave me medicine and took care of me the whole night!!
She never left my side and around 2am, I kinda woke up and I saw her putting a wet towel on my forehead with a bucket of water beside her.

And because of her endless care and concern, I managed to recover so quickly!
Overnight you know!!

Super touched!


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