I'm so sorrrrry :(

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I know I haven't been updating for quite sometime..

But I'm so busy that I don't even have time to make a trip down to check out prom dresses!

Probably tomorrow I'll be updating more with PHOTOS!

And after tomorrow, I will officially be on hiatus. Period.

Until the end of my O levels, (okay maybe not the end) which is on umm, oh well before 11th november!!

After my O levels, MY BLOG WILL BE FILLED WITH PHOTOS AND POSTS because there's so many things I want to blog about!! :)

I'm so tied down by the O levels. I just hope that I'll do it confidently and end it quickly.'
It's so torturous. Argh!!!

Some photos to update what I've been up to these few weeks, and I'll be off to do my maths revision again.

Study at Tampines Macdonalds/Mccafe

Yesterday @ Mrs Ong's house for english lesson!

ANYWAY, We saw the winner of Cleo Bachelor Vivian dawson at Tampines Macdonalds!!
He's super handsome!!!!!!!!!

At Mccafe, Thadsha and I were trying super hard to take photos of him without him noticing that some giggly sixteen years old girls are stalking him.

Oh well, I think he somehow knew it lor.....



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