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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My hamster gave birth -- again.

This time, I'm able to witness the birth of the cute little "hamlings!" They look exactly like Piglet in Winnie the Pooh's tv shows. At the same time, I thought they kinda resemble a human foetus too. Hmm..

The week we went back to Malaysia it gave birth for the first time, so my father had to take care of it.. (But did I mentioned that he's afraid of hamsters?! He don't even dare to change the bedding -_-)

Oh well. This afternoon I'm going to meet up with all my primary school friends and we're having a chalet!! It's been centuries since I saw them.. Joelle and I were laughing over someone like madass over the phone last night!

I miss her so much :)

I couldn't recognize her voice at first.. until SHE LAUGHED. HAHAHA. Her laughter is the one and only in the world lor, so it's very easy to know it's her!!

Anyway, I've been (trying to) sleep normally and maintaining my weight okay.. It's very difficult to cope when you're constantly wandering unknowingly into the kitchen and getting tempted by all the junk food. Argh.

Oh and I've been picking up some photoshop skills lor..
Like some good photoshop effects to turn a hopeless photo into something beautiful.

This photo was initially taken in Malaysia

Anyway, I'm so freaking worn outtt.

Shall update tomorrow! (I mean later!)

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