Pre-Chinese New Year treat from Boss

Thursday, February 11, 2010

After work today, we went to UOB plaza 60th floor and ate at Sichuan Dou Hua Restaurant.

The view outside is really beautiful! Imagine if it's at night~

It was a 6 course meal, with the chinese new year colourful thinggy. (don't know what is it la)
The china girl whom was working there was explaining to us about the meaning of the ingredients while pouring them.

I only like the fried salmon skin because it tasted like crackers! (Muahahah)

It was so delicious lor!! Walao, my colleague sitting beside me actually hated it. Why would anyone hate shark fin...? Tsk tsk..

The young girls (Okay I'm the youngest here -_-)

This was the third course, something like steamboat

The uncle was telling us how expensive this pot of soup was blah blah blah..
Well, it looked expensive because inside it were plenty of HUGE abalones, mushrooms, prawns, scallops, mussels, sea cucumber, chicken and so on.

I gave my abalone away since I don't eat abalone..
I don't know how to eat abalone can!

So I just ate the mushrooms, prawns, chicken, scallops and all that.

Me: "Erm.. What is this?"
Uncle: "Mussels."
Me: "Eewwwwww.."
Boss: "Why? You don't like it?"
Me: "Huh, no la.. I just don't like all these moving creatures."
Boss: "Try the sea cucumber, it doesn't really move."
Me: "-_-"

Then our spicy ramen came!

It's heavenly but it's so spicy that your nose kinda gets numb and a little painful!
So in the end, I didn't finish it because I didn't want to die of spicyness.

Anyway, the way the person poured the tea is damn hilarious la!!

He would pose like Bruce Lee and look as if pouring the tea is hurting his ass or something.
I was laughing at him the whole time :x

After eating quite a lot, drinking the tea makes me feel a lot better

Overall, I would say that the food was quite okay.. But the truth is that I'll never learn to appreciate them. I'll stick to my Japanese udon forever!!

After eating and waiting for the waitress to pour red wine for all my colleagues, (EXCEPT FOR ME ONLY because my boss told her that it was illegal for me to drink it since I was underaged -_-) I camwhored ONE photo only okay!

Okay happy gladys.

I love the dessert!
I don't know what's inside but it taste so fruity-licious!
(There's my favourite grass jelly in it too)

I ate two bowls of it coz they didn't really liked it :S

Eat until full like shitttttt and the bill totaled up to $1,101.

My another boss paid in cash. Rich ass la..
Actually I was wondering that it would be so much better to distribute the money rather than spending on the food that will end up coming out of our butts.


Oh and to end this post with a photo of .......

My short hair

I cropped my photo coz my other side of the cheek was hideously FAT damnit!!

P.S: Is my new contact lens pretty? I collected it from that irresponsible blogshop owner already. Don't even bother to reply smses. Call her then pick up. Argh!!!!!

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