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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Okay, I was checking my blog's analytics and how people stumble upon my blog.

What people searched for that referred them to my blog for this week:

1) where to find eyebrow embroidery in seoul
Alright, that is crazy because I never blogged about doing eyebrow embroidery in seoul (?!)
Okay, maybe they just highlighted my post (the one I did my first eyebrow threading with Thadshayiniy and the annual mud event)

2) perry ellis "perry ellis" -basketball
Er, what the hell is that?

Guess the third one? ...........

3) pasir ris crest sex
Okay wait.. WHEN was there even a Pasir Ris Crest scandal?? Walao, and why did they come to my blog when they searched that?! Seriously....... the result was screwed up. -_-

UPDATED (30 March 2010)
For those little underaged teenagers who have been constantly searching for "pasir ris crest scandal" or "pasir ris crest sex" or whatever shit due to your raging hormones, please go somewhere and relieve yourself. Not at my blog, damnit. There is at least 3 people who will stumble upon my blog every week from that search. I'm getting hell irritated. So YOU (Yes you) should just go to your mummy and ask her the appropriate measures you should take to tackle your raging hormones. She'll probably enlighten you on this. Thank you.

Anyway, the baby hamlings have grown up!
Their features are developed, except that they're still small and adorable, awww.

Did I mention there were 5 hamlings in total that Gongxi(my hammy) gave birth to?

Now, there's only 2 LEFT.

The mother bit the babies' head off and the rest of the siblings happily wriggle to their sister/brother's corpse and started chewing the intestines.. Shit it was gross.

They could have lived together like a happy family but.............. *sigh*

My mother was so disturbed by the scene that she started scolding Fachoy,

"Will you stop eating your babies are you a human you gave birth to them and now you're eating them?! If you're going to eat the other 2 I'm GOING TO CHOP YOU!!"

"It's not a human."

Haha, oh well..

These photos were like taken a week ago, when the other 3 of the hamlings were still alive :(

Is there something like a hamster heaven??


Well, it looks like a lot of fun!

(Photo Courtesy of Millan)

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