Saturday, April 24, 2010

Never would I thought my schedule will be like so packed after my first day in TP.

Not kidding.
I was so not looking forward to school after the horrendous camp, but somehow everything just falls into place and ta-daa! Busy Gladys..

Oh and btw, my class has got another Gladys too!! HAHA and her actions are very funny and cute!

My class is very bonded, and within a week we've been out together for 2 class outings!!

I mean, we don't have to do much thing and I think we're all already quite close..
Easy to relate to each other and stuffs!

Next week is going to be even more packed for me.
Badminton, Outing to giant, pool.. Goodness!

I'll try to bring my camera and snap a few shots if I can!

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