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Friday, April 02, 2010


Yesterday morning when I woke up for work, I could literally see something poking out when I looked down. Turns out to be a reddish and swollen ugly disgusting pimple.

I kept on complaining about it to my mother, and I think she got a little fed up that she went inside the room and took a long nap.

Whatever, it is really super ugly!!

Anyway, on Monday, I went out with Thadshayiniy to Fountain of Wealth at Suntec!!

It was hell load of fun because we haven't seen each other for decades or maybe a little longer than that. :)

Apparently, we were supposed to meet each other at 6 or something, but ended up meeting each other at 7 because both of us needed more time to do our own things!

Haha, as usual ;)

Well, I needed more time because I had to fix my newly bought grazer eyelashes that kept on dropping!! Gotta put it to use since it is so expensive.. Nowadays, I'm so lazy to put on makeup so eyelashes help to replace smudgy mascaras and eyeliners.

I love this photo because my hair is so brown.. HEHE
By the way, this is from her new Samsung camera that we can actually see ourselves before taking photos! No more ugly photos in the future now ;)

That reminds me, my flower clip dropped out of my damn pocket!!

We took photos in the MRT, though we were conscious of the stares people were giving us but who cares? Singaporeans really ought to stop being so serious about life lor -_-

Disturbing her for the whole day

Marina Square is pretty quiet on a Monday night except for those people who have knocked off from work dining there.. Other than that, there's hardly any teenagers hanging out there!

Call her to pose but ended up giving me some emo pose..

I think the stupid headlights made us look pretty weird..

It made us look like some yellowish sallow skin tone asians..
(Fine, we're asians but we are NOT that yellowish okay shutup)

On our way to Fountain of Wealth!

For your information, the Fountain of Wealth is supposedly to be the biggest man-made fountain in the whole world.

You have to walk around the center of the fountain with your hands touching the water for 3 or 5 times and make a silent wish in order for your wish to come true!
But...... with everyone touching the water you can't be sure that the water is THAT clean :S

What I liked was that they have music and colourful pretty spotlights around the fountain.
Should transform this whole area into a club.. and everyone gets to dance in the water!!

This photo is so cool right!!

So beautiful isn't it?
I think this is an awesome hangout place for friends and couples. There's a lot of food outlets at the basement, and after eating you can come up here and chill out!

Walao, on that day we saw so many couples hugging each other on the benches while watching the pretty fountain!! Smooching here and there.. Displaying such inappropriate behaviour in public!

*Shakes head in a very teacher like manner*

They were smooching like Thadshayiniy in this photo, HAHA

Looking at all these photos make me fall deeply in love with the fountain..

Cool effects without photoshop! Hahahah

After that we went to the toilet since she drank a whole cup of bubble tea.
Girls' business in the toilet!!

Guys can't do that in the toilet right?
Imagine the rest of the guys in the toilet are happily relieving themselves, then suddenly, *flash!!*

Thank goodness we girls don't have to urine in front of other girls so publicly!
We're free to camwhore in the toilet as much as we like and the people in the cubicle are not affected as well, hehehe.

We went to the second level, so we could have a better view of the fountain.

Streetlights looking prettayyyy

Omg, I totally love this photo like mad fk!!
Don't you think the lights resemble fireflies?

"AHHHHH Help me!!!!"

This is my current facebook primary photo! SO PRETTY RIGHTTT *evil grins*

I think this photo matches the song "I'm a big big big girl in a big big world"

I am so sorry I have to torture you guys with our hardcore camwhore photo..

I know you guys enjoy seeing us camwhore lor, don't lie to yourself!!

Rooster: Heroic, Amusing, Alert, Controversial, Organised, Detailed Perfectionist, blah blah

I can't figure out the rest of the details but just to note, the "organised part" and "detailed perfectionist" are both totally opposites of me :)

Anyway, both of us are pok pok geh!!

*Flap wings*

After several failed attempts to take a decent photo of her and the purple background,
this is the best!

We walked two rounds around the fountain just to figure out how to get to the MRT!!
By then, my toes were getting a little distorted (I CAN FEEL IT) and were crammed inside my tight shoes..

When I was in pain and my toes were crying out to be released, Thadshayiniy just HAVE to take a super duper damn ugly photo of me!!

Toes: "Shiok!! Stupid owner should have just released me long time ago!"

Then happily taking photos of herself at the side la..

Anyway, we found the way back to the MRT! (Hell it was a long way man)
Most of the shops were already closed so the entire area was pretty quiet..

We had a lot of fun that day, and at the MRT, we took another two photos again before boarding the train!



She totally acts like a dumb blonde in black hair. Goodness.

Have you read her blog by the way?
This was what she described her dog:

As quoted, "Naughty baby. She really tears your skin off and leaves you with scratch marks all over one la. She hates strangers and loves to pound on other dogs as well as bending humans. As long as you are beneath her height, she’ll go all way out and pound on you."

Now my question for you, is your dog really a dog?
Sounds like a monster to me!

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