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Saturday, April 10, 2010

I know, I know.

I haven't been updating quite a while but I WILL whip up a good post soon!
Just to update you, I was out with Joelle on Monday to Illuma at Bugis and we had such a good feast there..

Yes, it was a FEAST indeed.


I don't know how the hell we finished it, but truth is that, we did eventually.

Oh well, and I've ordered a bag from this blogshop which organises Taiwan sprees, but SHE IS SUPER SLOW DAMNIT.
8 days already she never even submit the order to Taiwan yet and she still tell me she is collecting payment from the others?

What? You delay our orders because the irresponsible ones haven't paid up yet?
In the Terms and Conditions she'd put up, it was written clearly that payment not made within 48 hours will be automatically canceled, which was NOT true.

She gave them a damn good 7 days grace and apparently up till today, they are not able to pay up yet.

If I were to follow the stupid spree, I can probably get the bag next year.

Besides, she replies emails SLOWER than a 100 years old snail and never is prompt when she said that she'll update or email whatever shit.

Luckily I spotted the exact bag that I wanted from another blogshop that happens to be an instock! (YAY!!)


Anyway today I had quite an exhausting day at work.
I had to stay back for an additional hour to calculate the sales and the money in the cashier..

Samantha actually stayed back together with me and read her Seventeen magazine while I was at the counter busily counting the notes.

Must make sure the amount is correct because I will be held responsible if the amount is wrong lor -_-
Why entrust such a scary task to me?!

When I count other people's money I feel so nervous BUT...... when I'm counting my own money that's a different issue then. :)

After work, I went home and headed for dinner with Mummeh.
We ate PONTIAN Wan Ton Mee which was newly opened at Tampines Block 201.

It was really good, especially for the price of only $2.70 per bowl lor!!

I kept on gorging myself with the fried wan ton with mayonnaise (YES, IT'S A HEAVENLY COMBINATION!!)

When you're there, you can give it a try or something..


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