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Friday, October 29, 2010

Seriously, I don't know how the shit I got into public speaking. I can neither speak nor deal with talking to a big crowd of people whom I don't know..

I think ive really got stage fright or something.. When I talk I was literally tremblig over there because it was like so freaking sudden! What the shit, and everyone in the class could speak so freaking damn well with confidence!

Don't you have to prepare your speech or something?

I'm not good with dealing crowds , I'm very sure by now.

Anyway school has just started for me, so yeah, it's gonna be hell of a busy semester, with projects and many stuffs coming up.. I can't imagine I'm going to be busy with projects again wtf. I wanna go back to Malaysiaaaa. Singapore is too much for a girl like me to handle.

Halloween's coming up so let's hope there'll be somethig exciing coming up over the weekends :)

Kkzxz anyway I'm blogging straight from the itouch. It's freaking intensive for me to type that long, when my fingers can barely type out the correct letters. (sorry, i'm kinda new to this)

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