Meetup with the girls!

Friday, October 01, 2010

Yesterday, I met up with the girls Thadshayiniy Jessie Jeslyn and Cherry heheheh.

It's been quite sometime since I last saw them... So we decided to eat lunch at Buddy Hoagies.
We were supposed to meet at 2pm.

Cherry was the first to arrive at 2.10pm, then the last one to arrive was Thadshayiniy, who came at 4pm?!?! LOL

Anyway, we had quite a long chat at Buddy Hoagies, updating one another about our lives -_-
oh! And Jeslyn's dog went missing, but luckily it was found by someone whom handed it over to SPCA.

After that, Jessie had to leave for cheerleading training so the rest of us went to play bowling instead..

Seriously I tried to apply the Skype method (bowling from the edge) but failed to the max :(

I'm the loser among all, HAHA.

After that Thadshayiniy left to meet her friend, so we decided to go around and take more photoss!

I think that the alive gallery at downtown east is totally shitified -_-

But the prop outside was good for people like us to camwhore with it!!

Haha, it's damn funny coz people passing by were staring at us -_-

Anyway, the sun was setting so the background was really pretty.. So it was another place for us to camwhore again hehhh :)

She's obsessed with Mona Lisa HAHA!

We were trying to imitate the people in the painting :S

It was really a fun day together out with the girls. I love them x100000000000 :)

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