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Saturday, February 26, 2011

I was looking through my blog's pageviews and the TOTAL pageviews my blog has accumulated over the years is a whopping 10,000!! ++

This is such a nice figure cos I've always thought nobody reads my blog except for my friends who know my blog url (by heart, i'm sure HAHA)

Well I was reading my archives about some blogging competitions from Nuffnang (and I won the tickets to Pope Joan, lol) I joined and it was definitely like my HEYDAYS cos I WAS SO FREAKING ENTHUSIASTIC about my blog! IT WAS MY PRIDE AND GLORY. (It still is :)) I'd bring my camera everywhere I go and upload every junk photo I took.

SO....... I am going to start blogging. SOON after exams because I'd be dropdead free!
There're SO MANY photos I haven't upload from last year and this year.


Here's some pictures from Old town @ Whitesands just now with my two lovelies :)
We were supposed to study, but turns out that we ended up chatting nonsensical stuffs and they ended up bullying me and my 1980s handphone zzzz.

I think the last picture of this shot is damn funny. HAAHAHAH

P/S: MY HAIR IS FINALLY LONG...... after one freaking year

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