Fun fun Good Friday!

Sunday, May 01, 2011

I'm not sure whether exactly it's really a "GOOD" friday, cos I think it was rather mischievous that day. HAHA.

Hmm, our class was supposed to go out, but so many people couldn't turn it it was just Reynold, Shanon, Yanying and me left. Yup, the four of us met at Nex and had our dinner. Haiz, I don't know why I am always late but I PROMISE I WILL KICK OFF THAT BAD HABIT. 

We ate at MOF and I totally love their Beef udon there, even though it tasted really "beefy" hahaha! But super niceeeeeeee.
Reynold went to order this plate of jellyfish and yanying and him were totally going crazy over that dish..

Yuck, I will never ever appreciate raw food. Lol I am so sorry for being such a loser at eating such stuffs but I hate raw food x1000000 lorrrrr zzz.
I will always picture that poor living creature before it was killed and laid in front on the table as a delicacy in front of human beings.

Maybe chicken pig cow are meant to be killed and eaten but not animals like dogs/cats right!!

Then rey ordered sakae which tasted pretty good!! Hehehe seriously it taste quite nice cos the after effect is rather cooling.

They're a bunch of optimistic people I just love hanging out with them Hehehe :)


Anyway it was getting a little late and shops were closing at Nex, so freaking sianzzzz.

So we decided to take a gamble, to go to a pub even though shanon and I were underage HAHA. Those stupid two were already legal to enter a pub and order alcohol but not shan and me -_-

 Zi lian at road while walking hehehe. Shanon your iphone's virginity is taken by us!!

Anyway it was Shan's first time in a pub (LOL retarded) so he had a "i-think-i-am-having-second-thoughts-about-this" face. HAHA but in the end we enter la, anyway if not we'd be like out on the streets -_-

Really thought we would be asked for our IC but luckily we weren't!! Hehe

The pub we went was called Ken's Pub, which is just located along some shophouses near Nex, and the environment is pretty cool. THEY HAVE KARAOKE LIKE MALAYSIA'S PUBS!!!

Okay I damn sua ku but I still like Malaysia's pub better cos they have handsome young teenagers as bartenders, but the Ken's Pub they had some golden hair nerd as a bartender -_-

and ya, plenty of old men in the pub!!

Rey and Shanon treated us, so THANK YOU R.C SNG AND SHANNY HAHAHA!!

Next round would be on YY and me :)

Playing cards!

me and yy (Y)

Actually singing in the public in front of everyone gets a little awkward and embarassing for the first time, but after that it's totally cool :)

heheh, had so much fun there with the 3 of them!!
Lol we were playing five ten all the way and I think we are all pretty good at reading each other's minds!! HAHA omg totally misss it!

Yes, as you can see our faces are a little red here because of the alcohollllll~


Okay, our face is red here, like super red can!!!

Can't believe the pub closes at 1am, so our fun was kinda short-lived :(
But nvm, this just makes us appreciate the time we spent together more!! 

Happy peopleeeeee on Good Friday :)

Until now, I still have a feeling that somehow, everyone knows some of us are underage.

It's funny how you'd only realise how amazing people are at the very end. They're important to me now :)

I'm glad I'm not TOO late to realise that.

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