hectic week

Friday, September 30, 2011

okay im pretty sure im turning into a workaholic because the first thing that comes to my mind when i wake up would be, "am i late for work?"

hahaha wtfffff

anyway pixturesss!!
i promise i will fking blog when i have the damn time!

yup went out with my best friend and vae recently. umm it was on a monday so i guess monday nights town seems to be pretty dead?

oh wellllll

AND YES, FEYDRIC BIRTHDAY celebration was this month and i can say it was a success but i blurted it out before the day itself so yah.... lol

i'll blog when i have the time!!!!

p/s: something is wrong with me these days.. keep thinking and thinking. damn imma bitch


FETCH *pat*

Monday, September 19, 2011



especially that stupid bxtch Chloe with wrinkled line in between her neh. Yah it is wrinkles. LINES. Not the real thing.

Seriously her english is already so fking bad like kenasai pls don't come send English texts to SINGAPOREANS can? For your info, bitch, we cannot wear STOCK AND black PANS, because pans are for frying, not for wearing, geddit faggot? Don't be a fucking disgrace to your already humiliated dirty filthy nation pls. Disgusting lah, china people are seriously disgusting and DISGUSTING and DISGUSTING.

Try to  control Singaporeans but then end up like a female dog only, bark here and there!

China people are just..... disgusting, do they even deserve a high ranking job position in Singapore? I don't think so. Even if they take up a job as a toilet cleaner, I think it is too good for them though.

They should just lick the floor and bark like a dog

A mere update and just random thoughts

Saturday, September 03, 2011

While bathing just now, (Okay the weirdest stuffs always come to my mind whenever i'm in the bathroom) I realised that MOST of my goodies/besties are the youngest in their family.

There's a reason to this - MOST people who are the youngest in their family are wild, fun to be with, and they can be really eccentric at times. But something similar across this segment is that it's pretty hard to hear a "sorry" from them.

Whereas, I realised that MOST people who are the middle child are always wanting to stand out  but they're really nice and friendly people though. But somehow, they're also kinda different from the rest.

The eldest has their own mindset, and they have their own stand. Nice people, but they're definitely no pushover. They're also abit weird -_- lol.

The only child is kinda rebellious? They're also different but they make really good and trustworthy friends. Heh :)

The reason why I emphasize on "MOST  is because it's only judged partially based on people I know. Haha, so it can be deemed inaccurate because this is only how I feel.

Anyway just a mini update!
This holiday I've been spending money like.......... #%^#&%?!

Today I met up with YY and last minute she told me she was going Phuture to club -_-!

Why can't I turn 18 TMRW OR SOMETHING!!!!!!!

Hahah but nevertheless we went to Fareast to hang out :)
Ate Ipoh hor fun(!!) for dinner at Oldtown!

No matter how many times I'm gonna repeat I'm still going to.

IPOH HOR FUN!!!!!!! (Y)


After dinner, we went to find a black belt and a necklace to salvage her clubbing outfit before she get on the dancefloor with hot guysss :( HAHAHA
While I went to extend my eyelashes.. I think I look like a vixen -_- HAHA

Oh well, went home like 11pm but its quite earlyyy :(
Sad to see YY go club while I go home, haiz!

Anyway  on Wednesday, I attended the Glee 3D premiere screening party at Marina Square it was a BLAST!
YES 3D, it had a very concert-like atmosphere thanks to the enthu crowd that day :)

That day happened to be Mr Popcorn's birthday too.
Yeah I'm wondering too - Who the fk is Mr Popcorn?! 
And photographers kept on going around and asking people to scream Happy Birthday Mr Popcorn to the air -_-

When settled down in our seat, we were all holding our lightsticks and the girls were screaming over Blaine and Finn when they were on the screen.
Joking hehe

Anyway there was this dress-up competition and the best dressed couple would win posters!
But I'd rather be have the consolation prizes because the prizes were GLEE T-SHIRTS!!!!!!

The first prize was posters-_- hahah.

I bet he'd wish it was Quinn/Santana/Britney/Rachel who signed it la, wished I had the courage to ask him if he could give it to me that point of time hehehe :-)

 This girl "couple" won. -_-

 The guy at the right BEHAVE EXACTLY like Kurt, and the way he talks.. Omg 

 Event is great, with a cute MC too, bahahah

 See the girl and the guy at the right? Haha they dress exactly like Finn and Rachael :)

A fat but excited ME! Couldn't wait for the 3D "concert" to start! 

The movie was pretty okay, and of course the ACTUAL concert would be so many fking times better. DAMN, but the movie was good, I couldn't differentiate who were the ones cheering -the people in the cinema, or the crowd in the movie? Haha!

Went to Xinwang HongKong cafe to eat supper cos I was mad hungry!!!!

Ordered this mushroom porridge (in this picture it was left with 1/4 of it) which was good, but bland though..  

Dimsums such as chee cheong fun, har gao (prawn dumpling), siew mai and many other yummy food! Hehe ^^

After eating, opened my Glee goodie bag once again......


Act cute pose with the GLEE VIP PASS~ #fail

Oh well, had a blast!
Thanks for that awesome day :)


Yes, FML.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Okay I feel really emotional.
I just got off the phone with my father a couple of minutes ago, and he's been trying to persuade me to go back Malaysia to pick up my Grandma. Hell yeah I'd love to but..... there's a part of me feeling SUPER reluctant to go back.

I've never felt that way before.
I've never ever not wanted to go back to Malaysia in my whole entire life, but sadly...

Ya know how frustrating it is, having to listen to how a closely knit family breaks up because of materialistic shit such as money? How a fucking outsider ban family members from seeing their own grandchild?

So how the hell do people expect a 17 years old kid face all that crap shit and stay calm amidst that ongoing internal family feud?
And I don't want to face all that shit when I go back and get involved emotionally and yah cry cry cry cry and everyone starts crying and screaming and FUCK IT.

Like seriously.................
I'd rather be facing my assignments instead.

Ps: Jessie J you might want to make a trip down to Malaysia and perform your legendary song "Price Tag" for my relatives?

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