Let's hit da road! Roadtrip to Malacca :)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Had a random roadtrip with him to Malacca and we had an absolutely awesome time :)

This time, we googled for all the best food places in Malacca before using GPS to go. Well, MOST of the recommendations are true! Haha, except the first......

So the first food outlet we went to was Bess Kopitiam, which proclaimed as the "Winner Of the Best Laksa Outlet." Yeah, it sure does sound tempting, so we made a trip down.......

Yeah happy happy~ Because it's our breakfast - the first meal of the day!

Sleepy after a 3 hours car trip T_T especially him who drove for so long~

My Nasi Lemak and his Laksa!

Well, I know their specialty is Laksa, but I just had a craving for Nasi Lemak that day..
Thankfully I didn't order their Laksa because IT SUCKS.

The drinks suck too. And the best part is their Nasi Lemak doesn't have chicken wings cos they "ran out of chicken wings" at crucial brunch hours like 11am? Haha..

WTH how can they self proclaim themselves as the best? Wtf.. Winner of what? the shittiest I think.

Please take that banner down. zzz

After that, headed to the historical Jonker Street for window shopping!!
We came past this really old shop that sells antiques like vintage Omega watches and clocks..

As seen the clocks are up to RM 300 each.

However, gotta admit that they are pretty gorgeous..

Well, there're many other stuffs but mostly are tourists stuffs, so isn't that attractive..
Both of us share a common interest for durians, thus when we came past this durian shop, we just gotta eat it!!!!!!!!

Yes dears, this is the BEST durian puffs ever! The durian fillings literally burst out and the fragrance and taste is just........... PERFECT!


He totally don't act like his age la.. Sometimes I feel like I am older than him -_-

Was eating halfway and the durian fillings started dripping out and they were all over my fingers, and I asked him for a tissue and he just smacked my durian filled hand on my face. And that day I was chasing after him to take revenge on the streets and many passerbys were staring at us, HAHA.

I love durian, but not on my face! Zzzz


Some random photos during the walking!

Freshly baked piping hot tarts right from the oven!!

lurve uuuuuuu so much

Dropped by this Mods Cafe and their interior design is simply awesome!
It's like those cafe by the beach you see in TV shows.. They're SO RETRO AND VINTAGE and they do delivery by the most vintage cute scooter motorbikes!!! AHH!

See! This van is actually their coffee machine/storage!


Hehe, anyway we ordered Flat White and mango ice blended ^_^


Checking out the coffee machines..

Their huge collection of beer cans!!!! Man they should put this in my house, HAHA

Happiness in a small town like that BUT HE IS ALWAYS IGNORING ME GRRR

Awesome isn't it?! HEHE

Well, continued our walking and they were actually selling some live animals, like puppies, cats, ducks, goose, turkey (?!), all types of birds, chicken, rabbits etc.

I feel that it's like animal cruelty though.. The turkey was so DAMN BIG and the cage was so small that it had barely space to turn around? and it kept on pecking and fighting with its neighbour ducks in the next cage :(

Continued walking............

Got a little hungry and we went to see our research again. Haha, the next stop, Ole Sayang for their famous ayam pongteh!!!!

HE LOVES THIS DISH. HAHA he practically finished it!

Sambal Prawns! *salivating*

I love this mixed vegetables though.. cos it's so freaking delicious!!

And the total bill came up to RM38.40 which is about SGD 18? Pretty cheap!

Yup, I was really tired that day cos I barely had 3 hours of sleep. Not sufficient for a full day trip out in the sun.. ~_~

Anyway,the sun was setting so we went to Daorae Korean BBQ to eat!!!! OMG IT IS THE BEST EVER ^_^

He has been wanting to go there and eat for a long time so well, we decided to go :)

The waiters were mainly all korean guys and they were so polite and service oriented!

This long vacuum cleaner looking thing, yeah, it does suck up all the oil and smell :)

YUMMY! Our food are starting to arriveeeeeee

I cannot stop telling him how much I love beef.. Haha. I insisted on ordering beef but lucky he love me enough to order them (i think, HAHA) as seen in the picture, these beef slices (pathetically little) cost us RM 45! wtf


As mentioned, the service was really good.. The korean waiter was cooking for us and he even teached us how to eat it with the beef (Rolling the vegetables with kimchi, bean sprout, onion, and the beef slice)

I HATE vegetables (WHEN ITS RAW) but it was really good!!!!!

Here's the pork.. Pork in da house yo!


AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOMEEEEEE! HAHAHAHA. Anyway do u spot the Ginseng chicken soup at the bottom right hand corner? IT IS AN ABSOLUTELY TO-DIE-FOR.

Comes together with their Korean rice. It is so damn delicious!!

Anyway, the korean main chef came out to check up on all his customers, and he gave us this seafood egg pancake and told us it was on the house!! And surprisingly, he gave it to us only..

YAY!!!!!!!! But it wasn't that good :(

HAha, this is me trying to finish all the food on the table because he was too full. In the end, I did finish them all ^_^

I had such a rockin' awesome time man.. Malacca's food are to die for, but you gotta know where cos some places charge you at such a freaking high price, knowing you're a tourist!

Slept the whole trip back and reached Singapore about 11pm. He had to be awake cos he was driving though.. I will get my driving license soon so we can share the burden of driving together. HAHA jkkk I'm so lazy to even go fix my eyebrow -_-

Moments like this.. :)


"Nobody said it'd be easy, they just promised it'd be worth it"

But sometimes, it gets too hard and you just feel like giving up... (cos we indeed found love in a hopeless place at a hopeless time)
Nevertheless, we went through shit just to get to where we are today.

You say you feel different in this relationship compared to your other previous relationships, but in a bad or good way? I really wonder.

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