Monkey bento set!

Friday, March 09, 2012

Was searching about bento sets.. when I found a Monkey burger bento set online. 
It was super cute!!! And knowing that my bf always calls himself monkey and he 
loves monkeys, I decided to make it since it was kinda easy!

So this is what it should look like:
(Photo courtesy of MyMealBox)

Went to Fairprice and bought burger bread, Kraft mayonnaise, smoked ham, organic lettuce, cheese and got my bento picks from Daiso ^^

But then don't know why my bread looks so cui.. and my heart shaped egg turned out so fail, and the cheese keep breaking etc. The smoked ham was already shredded so making it super hard for the ears..

So as a result........................

Couldn't find olives for the eyes so I ended up cutting seaweeds.

Okay, I really tried my best.
After that, cut some fruits and added by the side and added some mayonnaise.

Gave it to him and he was smiling all the way when he was driving!!!! Hahaha when I asked him what animal is it, he couldn't figure it out and when he finally did, he laughed and it was sooooooooooooo cuteeeeee!!

Love die him.

I thought it'd taste like shit since I made it at 4pm and he only ate it around 11pm? -_-

Surprisingly he say it's nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Couldn't believe him but he say trust him, he's a chef blah blah...

Okay lor trust him!
Heheheh he likes the heart shaped ham :)

But can't see the ham ~_~

Hehe happy happy!!!!!!! love him veryyyyyy muchhhhhhhhh

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