Sending Louis off + Picture updates!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Last night, Ken and I went to the airport and eat Ramen Champion at T3 :)

After that, we went to send Louis off! So proud of him because he's one of First XI's top 20 players!!!! F.Y.I, he's my colleague when I was working at Blackbird!

Support him ok :)
This coming weekend they'll know who's the top 16! I hope he's going to be in!!!!!!!

After that, dear send me to Phuture for Yy's birthday :)

 A not so flattering picture of him driving, hehe.

Anyway some camwhoring pictures before I went to meet him hehe!

Oh well, there're quite alot of pictures on my Iphone that I didn't seem to have the time to upload. And here they are..

Meeting up with his old pals :) 

After that, we went to JB for supperz with my baby!

And received the sweetest message ever :)
Hahahaaa felt really loved that point of time.

And the following weeks to come, we went prawning with Ben and Joanna, and Ben caught this damn huge prawn!!!!!!! O_O

Seriously he win Ken liao. Hahaha 

He's eating a lollipop! 

And the next week went to find him because Mummy made lotus root soup and she wanted him to try it! Hahaha Alex came and took this photo, say very loving!!! hahaha.

Dear say is damn nice!:)

And the next week, went to meet Xinyi and we went cycling at Pulau Ubin! ^_^ 
So fun!

We tried to meet a little early so that we could see starfishes at Chek Jawa, but I guess we went a little too late and the water level was very high :(

But still, managed to see mudskippers!!!!!

 Hehe she like the tree!

Imaginary hug!

After that, we went to the beach and there were so many creatures! There were even more mudskippers!!!!!!

A galore of cuteness!

And this is what Xinyi bought for me a Hello Kitty iphone cover from HK!!!!!!!! :) So pretty! 

Hehe and the next week, I met up with dear again and this time he said he had a surprise for me!

And I was like, "what?"

Hermit crabs! 

3, to be exact. 

Dear has been into fishing lately and he's so happy that he caught this long beak fish at Tanah Merah recently!

He's training for his 6th April Daiwa Fishing competition and he even neglected me :(


And the next day, this long-beak fish turned into............









 Fish and chips?! HAHA

Didn't get to eat all these but dear took photos of it after he cooked it for me to see :)

Hehe, and finally YY is back from BKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She got me this super pretty leopard print clutch!!!!!!!!!! 

And dear, again went fishing and Fadly caught a seabass.
Dear cooked it as staff meals for the BBC people, and Danny kept telling me it was nice! Hahaha.


Also, Alex and Hilary came back from Penang!!!!!! I know they spent a lot there because the first day they already spent $400 -_-

They bought me a Hello Kitty lipbalm, a bracelet and a watch in which all may come handy for my Phuket trip! Heheh :)

Well, that sums up my post for the month Of March...... Happy 1st April in 4 hours and 15 minutes' time! ^_^

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