Daiwa Fishing Competition at Pasir Ris Town Park!

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Woke up at 6am in the morning to meet dear for his Daiwa fishing competition! 
Bought myself a cup of soya milk to fill my stomach. I was anticipating to meet dear so badly because I haven't seen him in 5 days!!!!!!

When I reached, everyone was already queuing up :(
So many people were there!! There were 400+ participants and the winner will get to win $5000 CASH and an Daiwa equipment worth $1,800!

Everyone were prepped up! 
Met his friends, Fadly and his gf, Meiling, Mick and his wife, Angel, Siang and his gf Ribena. Hmm there were simply too many lines! Some even got tangled.

Didn't eat breakfast so Dear gave me his McSausage burger sponsored Macdonalds for this competition. Yummy!

There was even a free shirt, cap, and car sticker.

Whee, the first 5 minutes got a fish already ^_^ 

The first fish caught~! 

Dear and Fadly 

The guy beside him seem to have something too~ 

Yay, dear catching the 2nd fish!  

A little tangled here.. 

Dear's fish ^^ 

Look at the number of participants crowding together.. 

Hmm, they were announcing the lucky draw winners and the first round they called out our number!!!!! We won a fishing equipment from Daiwa :)

Super lucky!

By the late afternoon, the sun was getting a little hot so we had to take shelter..

Dear was also super tired since he didn't sleep a wink last night. I think he was anxious about this competition?

Angel and ML chatting behind the trees heh 

Dear accompany meeeeee 

Love you! 

Swear this picture he looks like a monkey~ 

Anyway it rained really heavily, but by the time it rained, we were in the car napping, sleeping like a pig already~ Hahaha!

The game ended about 4.30pm and we were all excited to get dinner since we didn't eat lunch :(

Dear's fish :) 

Everyone was crowding around the guy who won the first, with his fish weighing at 17.45kg! He won $5000, a trophy, and a fishing equipment worth $1800 wtf!!


Super heavy...

Anyway, ate dinner at Whitesands and they wanted to go Bedok Jetty for some fishing again -_-

Pitched a tent at the jetty, while the guys fished and me and Angel chatted and snacked inside ^^

After a while, dear was super tired and he came inside and fell asleep inside the tent, Haha! PIG!

Full moon :) 

Bokeh lights. Taken from inside the tent.

Oh well, in the end everyone packed up and went home. We were all too tired, but we definitely had fun catching up! :)

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