It's been a Ramen week!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It is comforting to know that people still reads my blog.
The almost dead comment box at the side (spammed with advertisements calling me to check out their websites) is quite disheartening hahaha. Makes me feel as if no one reads my blog, except for robots and people who accidentally stumbles onto my blog while searching for the first XI scandal shit. (Yea, if I did mention that my views went up to 140 daily after blogging about First XI)

Life's been going pretty smoothly.. I liked it the way it is now, no more nonsense, emotional shit and all that ra-ra-drama.

He's been coming to my house to stay over at times and it's nice to wake up and see your loved one beside..

Anyway last Friday, Meryl and Queen and I wanted to meetup to help her jailbreak her phone, but we ended up meeting up too late so we just decided to go back to Ken's Pub to drink and chilled :)

Before that, we had our dinner at this Japanese area at Nex (Forgot the name of the restaurant) and since it was pretty late, there weren't anyone in the restaurant.

Ordered Ramen!

The love birds~ 

 Been so long since I last ate ramen! A happy girl is me :)

2nd shot because Meryl thought my cheeks looked fat in the previous photo HAHA 

My chicken soup based ramen! Damn yummy hehe :) 

Some really spicy ramen that Meryl/Queen ate! Looks really good though, hehe. 

Anyway after that we went to Ken's Pub, ate some peanuts (there's something about me and peanuts haha) and they had a drink. Wanted to sing but there're too many people so by the time my monkey came to fetch me, I had to leave w/o singing :(

Hehe, oh well.. Monday I didn't have school so dear and I decided to meet up after his work, which ended at 6pm! After Gina recommended me to go to RamenPlay to try out their double soup base, I told him about it and so we decided to go for it! Was expecting it to be costly but surprisingly it wasn't! It was affordable, and much cheaper than T3's Ramen Champion :)

There're both pros and cons about the ramen they served in Ramen Play, compared to other ramen shops.

Double soup base, with cha shu! 

 Love the tonkatsu soup though! It's really good! :)

Yuzu yogurt! It's their popular specialty there~ 

 My baby darling! :)

Heheh yummy! ready to tuck in :) 

If you can see he's always on his phone.. :(

Our gyoza, not exactly fantastic.. We preferred the one at Cuppage though!

After that, we walked around Orchard, and went to the new Abercrombie and Fitch! We hadn't been there before so it was our first! The lightings made us really gorgeous looking HAHAHA.

I think dear really liked the shirt! And our 1 year anniversary is around so..... :) Maybe I might get it for him!! And getting him the real cap.. Hehe.

Awesome Monday date! It really made the Monday blues go away :-)

For now, I will go and do some project work and continue my "Revenge" tv episode later! Hehe~

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