My 5D4N Trip to Phuket!

Friday, May 25, 2012

I haven't been updating my blog since I went to Phuket. There are just so many pictures!!!!!!!!

Just so you know, this post consist of 141 photos, and it's not even everything yet.
I went to Phuket from 16th April to 20th April for 5 Days and 4 Nights, and it was mad awesome!!!!!
Stayed at Deevana Patong hotel which was near Patong Beach. There was so many things to do there ^^

First day: Shop, Eat, Explore
Went to T1 at Changi Airport at 6am in the morning T_T Apparently, I cabbed down there because I was late!!!!!!!!!!

Ate Subway and shopped around the transit area. There were many cheap cosmetics at Nuance Watsons! I bought a Revlon Colorstay Nude Foundation at only $16,90 when outside was retailing at $30 .Such a big diff!

Finally, get to take the plane!!!!!!
We bought it as a package deal,so the hotel came together with the jetstar flight :)

Boarded the plane and was mad excited!
After 1 hour 30 minutes, we reached Phuket and at the airport, we bought a package deal which was snorkelling at Phi Phi Island and other activities, and it came together with free taxi.

As we reached the hotel, we were told to come back 1 hour later and had to make a deposit :( So we walked around, changed money, and and went to grab a bite at Mac's, since I was told that their pork burger was awesome!

It's so sad that Singapore doesn't have the pork burger :(

Our view ^_^

Anyway, went back to the hotel, and we didn't manage to upgrade to deluxe and jacuzzi because it was way more expensive that I'd expected :(

But still, our room was beautiful!!

Garden view :)

Big comfy bed!

Big, nice smelling toilet!

And this was my Revlon colorstay foundation I bought at the airport ^^

After resting for awhile, decided to head off to Expo Market in Phuket town for some cheap bargains!
Apparently, I did plenty of research and I found that expo market is much cheaper than other places in patong because patong area is catered to tourists, thus charging a higher price.

We took 2 hours to find Expo market -_-

It's like Bugis!!

Well, shopped quite alot, and definitely had a lot of fun! The bags and shoes were damn pretty! Almost bought them but I had to save :(

Went back to Patong area since it was getting dark.
Phuket is still unknown to us so we gotta be careful so we had to go home before it became dark.

Decided to walk around!

At the back alley of Bangla Road

Happy ^_^

Cheap deals!!!!!

Was told that we should stay in this hotel instead! I agree too.. Hard Rock Hotel is really good!!

And people are performing in front of the hotel too :)

A portable bar! So awesome!!!

Headed to Patong OTOP to shop, they also mentioned that things are much cheaper there..

But there weren't much things to see there.. The things around Patong area is like the same -_- It's expensive and common!!

Time for dinner!!

I ordered Pad Thai :) It's really awesome! Had a sweet, nice fragrance :)

Ahhhh can't wait to eat!!

Pineapple fried rice~

My awesome Pad thai ^^

Dining view :)

Love this picture cos I look quite healthy hehe

Happy gurl 93

Continued walking.. We decided to go Bangla Road since it is the ultimate clubbing area!!!! hahaha!

Tiger bar!

I love this picture :) And the lights!

The area was really crowded.. because many people were there to take photos :(

We walked past a few bars and they had these show case girls dancing above.. They were like Russian hot girls and what the hell were they doing? I'm sure it'
s better in their own country..

The street was crowded man!

After that, we headed back to our hotel since tomorrow we had a full day at Phi Phi Island :)

Along the way, bought some supper back!


All these less than 3 bucks?!

Plus the water hehe

Our favourite supper!!!!!!! Banana chocolate pancake :)

2nd DAY: Visit to Phi Phi Island, Snorkel
The next day - Phi Phi Island here we go!
Apparently, we were really tired since we slept kinda late.. So woke up feeling a little hungry and groggy :(

Rushed like mad and waited at the entrance of our hotel for our bus!
Luckily, they came in time and picked us up and we went to the departure area, which was FILLED with people. Freaking hot too!

Rental of flippers

After waiting for quite sometime, we set off!!!!!

Somebody say I look too excited hehe

Freaking ugly

After awhile, we set off!!!!!!


Leaving Maya Bay

Some dumbass mountain

Finally we reached Maya Bay's beach? Or is it Phi Phi Island, haha

Enjoy some of the pictures we took over there!:)


I swear I can live here forever, hahah 

Our next stop- Monkey island!

 Angmohs were feeding the monkeys, and some of them got aggressive and chased them!!!!

I wonder how they can with all the piles of rubbish.... 

Next stop was Raya something? Lol
They offered snorkelling there and there were many pretty huge fishes!!!!!!!!

Of course, did some suntanning....

And snorkelling! It was my first time and I got so addicted that I insisted to go snorkelling the next day! Hehe :)

After that, we were sent back to our hotel and had a quick shower before heading out for some Thai food!

We were outside Banzaan Market and there was a food night market just right outside!

 Ranging from weird insect delicacies (Seriously Thai people have weird fetishes)

 To Bubble tea, BBQ chicken, Thai food etc

Tried out this noodle stall since there were many people dining there!
Minced pork glass noodle! 

It was just okay.. But not up to our expectations since it just tasted like what I always have in Singapore ? -_-

Some snacks to go with our dinner!

Quail eggs!! IT IS FUCKING GOOD. And besides, only 20 Baht! 

Milk tea for 15 baht! Things cannot get any cheaper here..

Quail eggs with pepper. YUMM!!!!!!!

Well, since Banzaan Market is near Jungceylong mall, we had to walk back to Patong beach stalls for our night shopping!

Fancy a guy who doesn't likes shopping to shop in Phuket............ He told me he really enjoyed the whole shopping trip because it was quite fun! HAHA :)

Oh, and there were many interesting things along the way...

Fancy taking a sports car to get to your destination? It's a damn taxi!

About 12am, was really tired so walked back to our hotel to catch up on some sleep before another long day tmr...... 

MOSCATO TO END THE NIGHT before dying on the bed HAHA

Note: Just to let y'all know, don't sign up Phi Phi Island tours next time, the beaches are fucking crowded and every island that we visited, we only had about 20-30 minutes there only.

3rd DAY!: Bungee Jump, Freedom Beach, The Huntdown for Authentic Thai Food

YES! We were so deprived of the local authentic food that we decided to hunt down the entire streets of Patong!

Finally, we found this shabby stall which was merely sheltered by some cloths but the food looked pretty appealing so we tried it out!

 Can't wait to eat them!

Green curry with basil pork :)

Well, the basil pork was really salty... And well we should've known. This place was quite expensive despite the rundown exterior, and they took like million years to serve the food. The green curry was so diluted it was like soup T_T

Oh well, really sad huh..... But don't worry, we got to enjoy really awesome food on the last day of our trip :)

Anyway, our next stop was Bungee Jump! Yes, I didn't do it because I am a COWARD. HAHAHA

60 dollars to get scared? No thanks!
But it wasn't the case for him, hhahaha.

He ended up with red eyes.. Cos the pressure was kinda high? It was so high I could barely see him -_-

 Anyway, our next stop again - Paradise beach! As recommended by this friendly lady on the street. She told us to go there if we wanted a quiet, clear beach.

Well ,it definitely didn't disappoint us!

Long journey on a motobike.. 

Finally we reached!

Had such a great time snorkelling that............. we decided to go again the next day. HAHAHAHA.
The entry fee was so cheap and the rental was also super cheap!!!!!!! 

 The sun was setting so we decided to go:)


Going past Patong beach.. 

SO PRETTY!!!!!! 

 And look at the evening jams.. Tuk tuks were driving so fast that they couldn't care any less about motorists on the road. Zzz

So many foreigners on the road too! Anyway, it's pretty cheap to rent a bike there. About singapore $8 for an entire day :) 

This time, we decided to go abit off from Patong area. Went to the much quieter side which was along Soi Nanai road, and we definitely found GOOD THAI FOOD.

Tom Yum Soup, Pork veggies and a few dishes which were not served yet.

I was super happy because we finally found something closer to real authentic Thai food ^^ 

Went back to eat supper - our banana pancake!!!!!
This time, we added egg in it :)
This was the friendly lady who always greeted us and she remembers ALL her customers. The first day when we bought pancakes from her, she keep telling me I was very pretty. HAHAHAH omg so thick skin

Smells good.... She's got a lot of customers :) 

Egg pancakes with egg in the process.. 

And tadaa! Piping hot pancake for supper! ^_^ 

After that, we went SHOPPING - yes again! This was how addicted we were. It was so fun to bargain!!!!!! Bought a hat, I Love Phuket shirt, top, and some other miscellaneous stuffs.

Decided to sit down for a drink!

Love this bar! It was in the open and the way they decorated the aarea was very pretty :) 

My vodka and some pretty strong alcoholic drink~ 

Another supper - Caramel Custard! Yeah my aunt always makes this no other caramel custard can beat hers :( Nevertheless, this was still good!

Apparently I was the one who finished it all. 

And some Thai lady with strong vocals singing to Beyonce's song for the night~ 

Started raining so we had to move in to the bar :)

It was about 12am in Phuket time so we decided to head back to our hotel to rest.. It's been such a long day! 

Took tuk tuk for the first time!!!! This was the hippiest of all the tuk tuks. It was blasting k-pop song so loud my eardrum almost burst -_-

Oh well,........

The Last Day!: Hardcore shopping, Snorkelling at Freedom Beach, GOOD FOOD!

Finally, we had WESTERN FOOD for breakfast. I wanted it so badly cos everywhere they had western food buffet for breakfast :(

Just that we decided to go to a simple cafe nearby :)

 Coffee, juice, tea!

 Yes, had American breakfast!!!!! :)

" Can I eat now......."

Anyway today was the last day so we decided to spend it at Freedom beach to suntan/snorkel again..


And guess what! He bought a waterproof casing for my camera so we could take photos underwater :)

HUGE STARFISH SPOTTED!!!!!! All the assholes were poking at it with sticks cos they were all afraid to hold it!  


Anyway, this time we decided to snorkel abit further in...
AND LOOK AT WHAT HE FOUND!!! Can you spot it? ;) 

All the pweedy pretty little fishes~ 

 Lion fishes, sea urchins, and many rare fishes found! He was telling me that to see such fishes, you had to dive really deep but he was super surprised to find all these rare species here! And guess what? The water level is just up to my knees -_- 

 Love snorkelling!
FYI: I don't know how to swim :p But in Phuket, I guess it's quite okay to snorkel..

We met this friendly South African couple who we clicked pretty well. The guys went off to snorkel SUPER DEEP, which was about 3m and myself, who couldn't swim just watched them near the shore with the lady, and we started talking about South Africa etc. Makes me want to go there! 

Anyway, it was about 7pm so we decided to head back to our hotel, showered and went off for a nice dinner, since it was the last day!


Okay I was really hungry... 

Oh oh and this was my favourite dish!!!!!! HUGE PRAWNS DIPPED IN SOME FRAGRANT GARLIC SAUCE.  


I forgot the name of the restaurant, but the service was pretty good too. And not to mention, the food! There were many asians dining there, and everyone seemed to be drinking their tom yum soup, haha!

After that, caricature for 200baht for 2 people!!!!!!

 And that was how we ended the night, in Phuket :)

As I am blogging about all these now, it is like a walk down memory lane. I miss it so much :'(

The next day, we had to catch our flight at 8am, but in the end, we reached there at 8am instead -_- All the counters were closed and we were panicking like mad.

Thank god Jetstar had a delay in their flight so we managed to CATCH THE PLANE! Lucky or what?!

Oh well..... Hope to visit there again!!!!!

At the end of this trip, I would like to wrap it up by advising people who are travelling to Phuket for the first-time.

  • When they prompt you to sign up for islands tours by speedboat, normal boat etc, don't take their word. Just go for the cheaper option. When I signed up, they told me mine was VIP which we need not squeeze with others. And see? Everyone who paid for the boat fare ended up in the same boat as the ones who paid for the VIP? Zzz. Dishonesty. 
  • Change your money..... at Patong area. Not at the airport area. We found quite a lot of areas with good exchange rates. 
  • Always have money with you before you check in to your hotel. We changed $100 which wasn't enough for our room deposit. Wtf 
  • Always bargain!!!!!

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  9. Hi, is it safe to ride a scooter in phuket and how did you guys navigate? Also, about how much was the island tour when you booked at the airport?

    1. Hi Eychelle! Sure thing :) It;s definitely safe but be sure to wear a helmet as the police officers are very strict about this. We navigated via our iphones, just be sure to buy a SIM card at Phuket's airport & you can navigate :) It's about $45-$60 per pax when you buy from the airport. BUT it can be negotiated ;)

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