Konichiwa! 5D4N In Tokyo, Japan (Part 2)

Monday, October 24, 2016

Tsukiji Fish Market Day
Address:5 Chome-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo, Tokyo 104-0045, Japan

Okay, so we woke up really early (at least to me, lol) at 7am just to wake it for this Fish Market. Apparently, it's a MUST visit here in Tokyo, and I love food okay so go la!

We reached the market at about 8am-ish, and WE MISSED THE FISH MARKET.
Yes, the auctioning and all that live action. By the time we reached, they were already packing.. Shucks :( But there's still lots of restaurants and shops around though!

Lots of packaged seaweed at Tsukiji Fish Market!!

We saw so many of the tamago egg shops over there. And all were so fresh and yummy. ugh looking at this photo makes me hungry already!

We got a stick for ourselves as well! :) And i swear, it was the best ever. Japan why everything taste sooooo good...

Anyway, too quick to say that everything in Japan is good. Because we did encounter some sucky food at the fish market as well. Like the below sushi.

We were queuing for the super famous sushi shop at the fish market, but they cut off their queue at around 8.30am, saying that they were not serving anymore :( What a bummer! So we had to find the 2nd best, but most of them were crowded so we walked towards the wet market.

Stumbled upon one of the shops, and while their sushis looked good, it didn't taste as good as it looked.

Well, it's a hit-and-miss! Just make sure your calories and money are well spent :)

Next, we ventured out to the wet market and there were so many things going on! All the small little food stalls and they looked better than that sushi restaurant.

The first thing we really wanted to try was the seafood, so we had one of their scallops and oyster!

I don't eat oyster, but they say that the oyster was really amazing. So was the scallop too!! Omg I love scallops for life :)


I swear this was the bomb. Must try.

And their dried squid.. Nothing compares to Japan's, really. It's really fresh, amazing, and the smell of dried squid flooded the entire wet market and the whole experience was soooo amazing. And it's not that expensive as well. We had to queue for this dried squid, people were buying in bulks!


We spend the entire evening walking nearby the shopping malls and areas at Tsukiji Fish Market.
So many cute little toy shops everywhere! And there were lots of outlet stores for Nike, Adidas, and other branded sports wear as well! Spoiled ourselves silly with all that shopping :P

Anyway, it's really dangerous to venture out to the basements of shopping malls, because they have soooooo many amazing food around! And for people with a sweet tooth especially. There's temptation everywhere.

Check out 'em gorgeous cakes.. 

I love the fact that the Japanese take pride in their products, regardless of food, merchandise, service, everything :)

And of course, we gave into temptation and bought a chocolate swiss roll. How beautiful does this look!! :) 

Anyway, we were craving for tempura dishes so much that we relied on our Tripadvisor guide to bring us to the best restaurant that serves tempura!

 I forgot the name of the restaurant, but it wasn't too far off from our hotel. I believe it's in Shibuya area :)

In total, we waited for about 20 mins before getting in. It was soooo cold and I had to borrow his cap to keep warm! Hahaha but I'm not complaining. I really love Japan's weather!

While we were seated by the staffs, we were ushered to the counter table whereby we could see the chefs in live action!

It's lovely to see how the chefs prepare and cook our dinner right in front of us :) We placed ur order with the waitress and the chefs got down to work! There were about 3 chefs right in front of us, all of them doing different tasks - coating with flour mixture, deep frying, etc.

Different ways to enjoy your tempura dishes. 

Dessert: Deep fried custard. 

And drizzled with strawberry sauce. 

It was a interesting experience, but we thought that it was much better in Singapore, lol. Though I must say the whole dining experience was really good. Staffs are really polite (which we won't get that in SG much) and that the quality of food and ingredients are plain awesome.

Read more about Day 4 here!

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