Friday, November 17, 2006

I can love with all my heart, but...... i guess thats it.

Oh god, today went to Tm's starbucks with Aqilah, Mm & Steph.
hahas, the first thing that hit me when i walked in,
was the aroma of StarBuck's coffee! :D
Hahas, but i didn't bought anything at first.
Then Aqilah , Steph and Mm bought themselves drinks.
They insisted i should try la-.-
So i try lor,
what's the harm of it anyway, hahas.
Oh well, because I didn't like coffee, thats why i didn't really like mm's drink.
But so far, thats the best coffee i've tasted in my whole life.
Aqilah's drink taste like ice-cream, YUMMY!
so i kinda like her drink too.
I like Stephanie's drink the best!
because her drink got cookies!
LOL, so i also buy the same as hers.
then Aqilah and i went to take MRT,
and bought a copy of Teenage magazine too.
This month's cover was Audition and Milk -,-
And please, Milk's a guy!
His chinese name is niu-nai!
Hahas, weird name he got.
Wonder why his parents gave him that name.
If i've got a baby, I would name her Anneliese.
or him, Lee Hom!
Hahas, ok fine, i won't name my baby boy Lee Hom ,
but this name belong to my 'ex-laogong'!
must show him support.
And plus, the song ' Kiss goodbye' wasn't even dedicated to me, h
it was dedicated to this girl called........ I don't know.
Ahya, heck care la.
Anyway this month's issue has got Goong's poster! ;D
I was so shocked when i saw that.

Back at home, I read finished my Teenage,
and then took out my black nail polish!
Time for a show-down!
i began painting my fingernails black and it was so NICE.
Hahas, now holiday le must grab the chance to paint my nails.
Sigh, now hardly see my cousin online....
We used to chat so much& I guess he's working bahs..
When I go back to malaysia , I will sure make fun of his ear,
because recently he has just pierced it.

Anyway, have you noticed anything different about this blog?
Yes! I've just changed my blogskin, duh.
Hahas, i'm now going for something that has a vintage-y feel.
Yups, &
i won't care anymore..and i wont giv a damn abt him anymore next yr.

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