Friday, November 10, 2006

thankyoooooou daddy for the laptop!
I love you!!


I'm going crazy!~
Yesterday, daddy came home with a bag and i peeped inside.
A laptop!
Yes, and it's gonna be mine! :DD

hahas. anyway, today was a happy and sad day for me.
Marinah got angry with me and I was really sad though.
Then after that she started talking to me and we played badminton again(:
Oh well, yu guo tian qing(:
Sunshine after the rain, I think, LOL paiseh, my chinese is damn lousy ><
Then after that, I went Stephanie's house and I used her laptop(:
Hahas, of course her laptop is 10x better than my current laptop.
Then we went to her house's downstairs bus stop and met Marinah.
We took 21 and headed to Downtown East for lunch(:

Marinah & Stephanie stopped by at the Tea Valley and bought bubble tea.
I sat there, staring into space , waiting for them.
Then, we saw Chi Sheng & Felicia Tin walking past and we said hi.
Marinah , Stephanie & I head to the foodcourt and settled down there to eat lunch.
LOLL, when steph said chu mee fen , marinah thought it was zhu mee fen.
lol, but anyway, marinah and i ate chu mee fen(:
hahahs, and then we went to buy Mai Ya Tang,
which is super nice :D

Yupp, and then I went home while they went back to school for their CCA.
& now, I'm typing & typing about what happened today with my new laptop! :D
hahahs. thats it for now, I've just downloaded SIMS2 into it! ;)

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