Hating Fridays

Friday, October 26, 2007

I'm not going to care anymore.

I'm really irritated.

From now on, I'm going to hate Fridays.

I'm still having my fucking cough, and desperately waiting for it to go away.

And whatever it is, I'm so not going to entrust my thoughts to that freak.
So he can just forget about trying to hypnotize me in telling him how I feel about his b.friend!


Okay good, I'm feeling better now.


And I bought a freaking Hello Kitty spoon!


Sigh, I think I'm like so boring nowadays..

When I want to laugh or say something funny, I will keep coughing and I will forget what I wanted to say.

Sorry people if I don't laugh with you or crack a joke with you nowadays.
I want to but.................

Okay, fuck the cough.
Fuckety fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

Lol, today JiaLe and I had fun laa :)

But I kept coughing and FUCK THE COUGH AGAIN.

I kept scolding cibai and stuffs..
And I think Jiale was quite irritated.. Hahas, SORRY JIALE!

And my mother was kinda harsh..
Nvm, I don't want to talk about it anymore.

Talking about harsh..
We went to the Takashimaya "Food Palace" and we sat down and started staring at the Menu.

Everything was so expensive and not suitable for my fucking cough, so I ordered French Fries only which happened to be the cheapest food in the menu.

And that freaking asshole looked at me as if I've got no money to buy anything at all and he chuckled! If I didn't have that fucking irritating cough, I would have bought the whole stuff in the menu list!!!!!!

And then, I'm going to repeat that Fridays are so fucked up again.
Yes it is.

Oh and by the way, we've got free tickets from our friends to tomorrow's HALLOWEEN PARTY SO WE ARE GOING TOMORROW!

If I see anyone familiar there, I'm so going to scare him/her or even, KICK THEM!!!!!

For fun =)
Maybe for hatred too.
If I hate them.
(I don't know)

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