Sweet 14th!

Friday, November 23, 2007



Happy birthday Gladys!

I can't believe I'm wishing myself.

I received my very first present(s) from my friend's mum (:

Lipgloss, perfume, Nail polish and a PINK Billabong pencilcase!

Sweet right? :)

And Thadsha sent me a birthday cake!
She took great efforts to draw it cos she didn't reply my messages for 30 mins!

Sweetest babe! <3

And she sent me 7 messages wishing me happy birthday.
And a few minutes later, Jiawen smsed me happy birthday!

I'm really touched laa!
All lovelies! :)

My daddy hugged me and my mum gave me a kiss on my cheek!

Anyway, just now (which is considered as yesterday) Thadsha and I had our dinner at the Paya Lebar mall because she wanted to visit This Fashion.

It was super super huge !!!

And the clothes were so prettyyyyyyyyy.
Those you won't find in small This Fashion stores.

Then we went to MacDonalds to buy the student meal set because I was totally broke.

And Thadsha gave me $5 to top up my card cos I thought I had misplaced my brother EZLINK. But in the end, I found it in my wallet.

So my retarded Ezlink card is with Thadsha now..
Cos inside was her $5.


And I swear there're so many retarded-looking big eyed frogs around the MRTs nowadays..
Thadsha and I just spotted one or two or maybe three just now!!

He was staring at us as if they've never seen human in their whole life..

Can't help laughing!!!!!!

Sorry, we're pretty dangerous.
If you see the RPD (Retarded People Detectives),
Remember to run or you will be our next victim!

Sigh, can I post the photos tomorrow?
(Including my presents and just now's outing)

Hehe, silence means consent!


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