And I'm so sick of.......... everything.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I'm so sick of Malaysia, I'm so sick of the life over here and I'm so sick of everything that's happening.

For fucking sake, I just hate it here alright.

Girls here are such sluts and retarded and so... PLASTIC.

Ya, plastic is a word that I learned from the movie Mean Girls if you've watched it.

And guys here are just so crazy over them.

And there was this girl who was the same age as me, she was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo flirty.

So we were playing cards.

And she happened to be winning money but she kept on saying that she was having bad luck at the position she was sitting.

Yah, she changed where she sat for a freaking 4 times and finally, she sat beside my cousin's friends who are... teenage guys.

But her luck got worst.

As I expected, she did not even change her seat to 'change her luck' but she flirted with the two teenage guys who looked older than her, a whole LOT.

Yes, they are quite cute but she kept on slapping the guy's hand and for GOD'S SAKE, the guy LIKED IT!

It's so fucking retarded.

Then after a few moment, we were sitting at the couch so I decided to ask her whether she liked him.

"Eh you like him right? So obvious lor."
"What?? I will never do that lor.. I got better taste."

Hahas, all girls say that, don't they?

"Oh.. but why you kept changing your seat?"
"....... Change luck mah."

She lost more than RM20 and that's GOOD LUCK??

And after a few days, the guy IM-ed me.

"I think I like her."


So disgusting okay.

I almost vomitted what I ate a year ago!!

She is so fucking ugly and so fucking rude and impolite.
I didn't have the heart to tell him all that of course.

How pathetic.

Anyway last night, I went to the fun fair next to the shopping mall Jusco and I swear it was.....

So retarded.

The ferris wheel was made of chains and it was moving the speed of the wind and I almost peed okay!!

And next, I went to the ugly and retarded looking rusting horses and it was going to break anytime.

I knocked my knee against it and I had a fucking big bruise.

So pathetic isn't it?
It just reminded me of some funfair from the 80s'.

There was this throwing darts thinggy and it cheated my precious baby RM6!


And the haunted house was only30 seconds and it cost Rm2 per person!

See how pathetic it is?

And worst still, it looked so old and was going to break anytime and THERE WAS NO TOILET THERE.

Walao wei.

I bet it's those fucking perverts jikopeks who made that funfair so that they can see everyone pee-ing at the corner.

But I won something.

And guess what it was?

A disgusting looking cheapskate toy gun that you could get from the rubbish dump.

And of course, my brother and my younger cousin liked that stuff and hugged it to sleep yesterday.

After that I went to the cybercafe and played counterstrike with my brother and my cousin.


I was walking to the entrance and I use my bag and fucking hit his seat and he jumped up.

Serve him right.
Guys are such fuckers here.

And now, he is just sitting a few seats away from me.

Guess what I'll do later.....?

Hmm.. :)

Anyway, he smells like a fucking dog now.

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