Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas everyone!

Bet all of you are out there, having fun now...................

While I'm still at home.......

And my T20, argh.
It's out of stock so I can't get it in the meantime, so I decided to take it with my handphone camera la.

But firstly, I'm going to update about yesterday's events first.
(Christmas eve, right?)

Thadsha and I were supposed to do homework yesterday but it turns out more to be like...... shopping?

Met her at Dhoby Ghaut Mrt station yesterday and we went to Plaza Singapura to meet her sister and her cousin. They were shopping for their bf's prezzies and it was so hilarious watching them quarreling over those shirts.

After a while, we went to Tampines to get something.

Oh, I mean Thadsha went to get something........ for us!

She bought the bags that I whined to her about when we went out 2 days ago.
Lol, so coooooool right? She's the best!

Thanks darl!!

And here's the bag!

It's kinda like a sports bag, so thats why I find it so attractive!

Then we went loyang point and did our homework.. (I guess)

She did her physics while I did my chemistry.

Looks hardworking yeah?
But actually she's doing something else.......

And I tried on her shades..

Thadsha edited this while I edited my.... nose. (lol)

Looks like a emo guy yeah? He's my boyfriend(but he's wearing my watch and my bangle)

So shuai right?
Want 'his' number?

Aww, too bad he's mine!

Then, thadsha bought her coffee while I bought my apple dippers with caramel.

After a while, we left McCafe because it was getting kinda bored.

So we went back to downtown east and we parted there while I went to downtown east and answer to nature call.

And before I knew, I was late for the Christmas party!!

So I took a bus there and reached Auntie Pamela's house and played cards and children games.

The funniest game was the Truth or Dare.
But because there were a lot of underaged children in the game, we decided to make it a "No Physical Contact Truth or Dare".

So most of the dares were quacking or making funny noises around the house and embarassing themselves in front of the visitors.

But anyway, I had fun yesterday!

Merry Christmas to everyone I met yesterday!

And I've got $200 Frasers Centrepoint Malls voucher!

AHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I can go on a shopping spree without paying anymore!

Heels, mascaras, eyelights, bags, accessories and tops here I COME!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, here are the things I bought from Malaysia!

Purple fake eyelashes @ only RM2!

I made all this okay!! =)

Bangles, hair accessories

My all-time favourite face powder @ only RM4.90!

Kate eyeliners and Lip Ice lip balms..

Aunt gave this crown belt to me =)

Cinderella shoes!

Manicure set for french nails =)

And there's this heart-shaped radio cushion which is soft and cuddly.
No more hard and black and ugly radios!

My very own heart-shaped radio cushion!

And bought some fashion magazines and books..

Well, I guess I'm pretty tired now..

Before I end this post, let me show you whats a not-so-expensive but yet gorgeous FRIENDSHIP NECKLACE!


Have a great Christmas ahead!

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