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Friday, December 21, 2007

Sorry for the lack of updates!

I promise that I'll update ASAP once I get my T20!
Because I need a nice camera to take photos of things that I had bought from Malaysia!!

Maybe I'll blog about the fucking coach I was taking to Singapore now.

It broke down in the middle of the highway and we had to wait for the other coaches to come.

So we waited for an hour and boarded this ugly bus.
It was so crammed and everyone looked like irritated retards.

And there was this malay guy who kept staring at my bag so throughout the whole journey, I did not even sleep but holding my bag all the while!!

And the seat was dusty!!
(I'm allergic to very very very very dusty things)

So in the end, I got a really red spot on my thigh in return.

But anyway when I entered Singapore, I had a really weird feeling.
And after several seconds I started to miss Malaysia again!

My friends and my relatives over there.. :(

The good thing of this trip is that I bought a lot of things!!!!!!!!!

And the bad thing is.........


But thadsha and I will be meeting up to do our homework so I'm not that worried anymore.

So wait for my Malaysia blog post ok!

It will be longer than your science textbook and shorter than Shakespeare's stories!

Right now, I'm sorting out my stuffs.......................
I've got new accessories!! :p


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