Chinese New Year! :)

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Okay, before I head over to my uncle's house tonight again.....
(hopefully to gobble up the whole steamboat)


I've been eating so much that I think I'm heavier than those farm pigs!!!!

Let me count..

Bak Kwa... Steamboat.. Chocolates.. Eggrolls.. Shark fin.. Bee Hoon.. Chicken wings.. Cola..
It's a never ending list!!!!

Hehe, the food war started on 6 of January which was CNY eve! =)

Mummy bought these fishcakes! =)

On that day, I went back to Loyang with Joelle, planning to give Mrs Lim and Chen Laoshi oranges! But when we went there, the security guards stopped us and told us that all the teachers have left!!

Waited there for nothing =(

Hahas, and made Joelle waited for me for nothing!!!! :P
I know I'm always late...... (I can see Thadsha agreeing)

So we walked around and ended outside her house........

Molesting my mirror!! LOL

Hahaha, so sexy rightttt?

Act shy act shy only la! LOL!

Tears of joy because she is finally appearing in my blog..

And we got crazy under some void deck for a while, laughing at some fillipino maids hugging this malay guy..

After that, we parted and I went to meet Jiawen for lunch!
CAVANA!!!!! :D

We headed for the toilet first....
(Nature call for her, haha)

OoOoOps, I accidentally took out my camera and...........

Yikes, and that was the result of it!!!! :

Sorry auntie(at the back).. but by bending down and covering your face you can't get any benefits from my blog.. You just missed a chance to be featured on my blog..


Jiawen and her 'pigs can fly' theory.

Then we headed to Cavana for our lunch.

And yes, I finally learn what is ala carte!

HAHAHA, kept on irritating Jiawen by asking her, "what is ala carte?? what is ala carte???!!"
(Because Ala carte was cheaper)

So I decided to give it a try by ordering..

"Honey grilled chicken rice. Ala carte one."
"Ooo, okay."

Hehe, and ala carte means without drink only la!
Only the main course.

After eating, I bought my chocolate milktea and Jiawen's dad sent me home :)
(Thanks for that day! it was fun =)))))

And yes, I went to my auntie's house for tuan yuan fan (reunion dinner) at night..
Godddd, I could just practically eat the whole thing up!!

Went home after walking Jayjay and Hero in the park with Clarice. (My gorgeous cousin!)

1st day of CNY:

Thadsha kept saying my brother is very skinny now!!!
(the one in green)

Which literally means I'm fat :(
Haha, joking!

Anyway I got poked on my boobs by my aunt!!

"Omg, walao.. So da leh.."
"HUH?! Where gott?"
*Pokes again*


The reason why I love going my uncle's house is because they've got air con everywhere..
And it looks like a hotel..

Not forgetting, HIRO the cute cute pup!

My cousin watching porn.

JayJay getting a massage from me! Hehe, so cute righhhhhhht? =)

Walking Jayjay and Hiro with my cousin =)

While my other cousins played soccer

Jayjay's got owl's eyes!!

A cuter version. Heheehhehee =)

Angpaos not much but it's okay! :P

2nd day of CNY:

Visited my father's aunt side and got a 3 angpaos..

After eating and camwhoring with my cousins,
I went home and met Thadsha and her mum.

As it was the CNY period, most of the shops were closed at TM.
So we went to the bakery and got ourselves some bread and then Starbucks for some drinks.

I've got to say this:THANK YOU AUNTIE for paying for me.
Argh, I feel really bad for making my friends' mum paying for my expenses -.-

Nature called again and we went to the toilet.

AND DUH, camwhoring too la!

My favourite colour for the girls toilet! :)

And I went home, with my painful feet getting squashed by my high heeeeeeeeeels.

Anyway, I had fun too and HERE I AM, ENDING THIS POST GLAMOROUSLY!!!!!

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