Extended new year resolution!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Refrain from swearing too much.

Though I hardly swear nowadays.
(I think)

And of course, I want to be a glamorized 45kg!

I must be as skinny as Kate Moss or whatever piece of skinny shit.

I'm looking forward to PE tomorrow 'cos we'll be having volleyball training for half a year!

Hehe, the last time I played volleyball was.......hmm, let me think. OH YA, last year with Jiawen and her friends.
SO FUN LA!!!!!
(except for the painful wrists and so.)

All that jumping can just make you skinny!!!!!

And recently, I've been addicted to green tea which helps you in losing weight SO I AM VERY VERY HAPPY!!!!!!

HAHA, and I got a big big treat from Thadsha breast today: SUBWAY COOKIES (Double Choc)

I know it's super fattening but it doesn't hurt much, does it?

Oh, and I looked like a siao char bo today la.
Hair untied and all. Running to school like a chicken. Screaming like a banshee.

I OWE THADSHA BREAST SOMETHING for making her wait a pathetic 15 minutes for me.
(Hope she doesn't see the last part hehehehehee)

OKAY, now I'm going to do my Physics assessment book and of course, my Maths Tutor because my tuition teacher will be so pissed off if I don't complete 5 pages! (To tell you the truth, I've only done 4 pages out of the 364 pages.

AND THADSHA BREAST, please hold your birthday party at Aranda country club or whatever thing that we saw at DOWNTOWN EAST COS WE CAN JUMP INTO THE POOL WITH OUR CLOTHES ON WHICH IS SUPER DUPER FUN!!!!!

Taiwan :(
I want to gooooooo.

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