7th Month - Hungry Ghost Festival

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Those who are born in the year of rat, horse, rabbit and rooster,


The 7th month is coming, yeah.
It's just this Friday, 1st of August! (tomorrow)

7th month indicates the Hungry Ghost Festival, which means that the gate of hell will open up, and there're a lot of things you cannot do.

Your ancestors will most probably pay you a visit, and UNWANTED 'visitors' too.

I'm born in the year of the Rooster, so I've to be really careful this year during the 7th month.
Oh well, if you're the same age as me, 15 and born in the year of 1993,

(Same goes for those whose zodiac is rat, horse and rabbit)

There're 6 things you cannot do:

1) Don't anyhow pick up things that are on the floor(because they might be left behind by soooome things). If you found money, donate them to charity.

2) When you're out late at night, REFRAIN from scolding vulgarities

3) If you see people burning hell money, clothes, maids, cars etc, WALK AWAY la stupid.

4) Refrain from going to the beach or taking a boat
(There're people who died there so you might see.......... ahem)

5) TRY not to go to places like cemetery, forest areas, hospitals

6) If somebody tells you to STOP doing something,
(stepping on the hell money ashes, don't turn behind when somebody calls your name, don't curse someone, etc)
, then don't do it.
If you insist on doing it and you think nobody's watching/care, you're wrong.
Somebody's watching.

Alright, here are also some things that old folks often tell us NOT to do during the seventh month

1) When you're walking home late at night and hear someone calling you, DON'T turn behind.

Your back forms a barrier between you and spirits, and if you turn behind, you're removing the barrier and exposing yourself to danger.

2) When people are burning hell money etc, don't step on any of the ashes.

Don't ask why, instead, they should be the one asking why you're stepping on their 'stuffs'.

3) IF you see that 'thing', you might not want to make it too obvious.

Don't scream, don't shout. Making it too obvious........ might not be a good thing afterall. Just keep quiet and leave that area. When you're far away, it's safer for you to do anything you want.

What if the 'thing' is staring at me?
Maybe....... you're stepping on something.

What if it's beside my friend?
Pull her away quietly, and leave.

What if I can't move?
Then......... continue facing that 'thing'.

MY FRIEND saw 'it' in the toilet, and she did the right thing by pulling me away and she cried later.
I don't wanna say her name, because she'd want to keep this low profile la :)
But I'm very very proud of her being so brave.

ANYWAY, I know I haven't been blogging for so many days..
I hope my readers are still here!! LOL.


Lol, it's just a new single song, Bossy by Lindsay Lohan.

There're tons of photos of her during her hey days, so yup!

She's talented, yet wasted.


Celebrity news!!!!!!!!!

(Same as her best friend whore)

Anyway, I think that dress is hot!!

She and her boyfriend, Benji Madden.

She's well known for being a drunk skank, but she's stopped drinking recently.
(Which is like a miracle!!)

Her boyfriend is the twin brother of Nicole Richie(Paris Hilton's best friend)'s boyfriend (Joel Madden).

Isn't it like seeing the same face of your best whore's boyfriend?

She's so goddamn retarded.

I bet Benji hooked up with her is because of her porn video!
So one night he might be having this conversation with his twin brother, Joel.

Joel: Omg, I saw your bitch's porn video. She's such a flat ass!
Benji: Yeah, how about your Richie bitch?
Joel: Damn she's flat too! Thank goodness our baby didn't take after her!
Benji: Haha, not bad brother. But that Hilton bitch is fine too lor! Just that she went for this boob job and I could see the scar..
Joel: I can't see the difference. Even if she went for that boob job, it's still.... FLAT.
Benji: Actually I'm feeling sick of Hilton. Since both of them are dumb blondes, wanna exchange partners for a week?
Joel: Damnit, sure!! I'd want to see how good your Hilton bitch is on bed man. Oh by the way, you might not want to smell Richie's body. SHE STINKS.

Okay, enough.

We played volleyball today, and it was fun!!

Everyone's so stressed :(

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