He's just not that into you

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Yesterday was Marinah's birthday celebration, so met up with Terence, Jiawen and Thadsha first at Tampines mall to get her present.

After that, met Jiale and ChingHsia too :)

We walked to Thadsha's house as she wanted to change her clothes..


Jiale, Chinghsia and I went to get bubble tea below Thadsha's house while she went to change.

After that, we went to Downtown East.

Oh ya, there're so many food over there la!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the jellies, nuggets and the sushis!
So many many many many food, that we couldn't help having several rounds of 'indulgence'.

Sigh, I really had a lot of fun yesterday.
And it really reminds me of my secondary 2 days.. :(

Now, I'm missing the moment our 'gang' sat at the table and we laughed at Yan Mae the 'leader'.

Then after that we started camwhoring, laughing, etc.

It started raining, which kinda dampen the mood lor :(

After that we went to play bowling, haha!
Marinah's mother paid for us all, felt kinda bad though.
(Marinah if you're looking at this, help me thank your mum once again :))

So Yan Mae and I shared one pair of shoes, but she kept disappearing.
Grr, so i have to play with myself :(

We took a lot of photos though! Super fun!

Anyway, it rained pretty soon after our game.
The rain was really heavy that even people with umbrellas were dretched from head to toes~

After that, everyone was back at the chalet, while Marinah cut her cake soon after that :)

Thadsha and I left as we had to catch a movie with her mother - He's just not that into you!

It was quite funny, and there was this intimate scene that made Thadsha and I gasped in 'horror' coz it was rated PG.

I still remember that Scarlette Johansson's breast got caressed by her friend's husband.
Super gross!!

I like Jennifer Aniston and her boyfriend :)
They were so sweet in the movie, especially when she found the ring in the pocket, I ALMOST CRIED!
so sweet okay :)

After that we went home around 2am..

Sad thing was that I didn't bring my camera! I could have sworn that I remember putting the camera into my bag..

But I found it on top of my luggage. Arghh fuck.

Nvm, I will grab the photos from Thadsha :)

Hehe, anyway I love our class vest!
SOMEBODY please remind me to bring it tomorrow :(

PS: The weather's so sexy today ;)

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