Thursday, March 19, 2009

My new best friend is Photobucket right now!!

Haha, so that when my friends ask me for any outing photos that we took on that day, they can just view my photobucket album and grab it from there!

Haha, I've got plenty of photobucket accounts, but this is my very first album that I'll upload all about my outings :)

Oh ya, Amos's got a new Ipod!!!!!!
BEHIND got a mirror so cool lor! :(

The songs in his ipod are totally standard man.
Anything that are associated with death, corpses, zombies, funerals don't know what scary stuff.


Anyway, I am super pissed that I can't login to CibMall account la :(

I wanna create a new SDO account!!!!!

Already complain and send so many emails to the administrator so many times but I didn't get a goddamn reply.

I will update about the past few events that happened this week soon~


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