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Friday, July 02, 2010

My schedule is totally packed I can't believe it!

TOMORROW, I'm going to meet the love of my life - Raymond Lam (in the previous post) and he's going to be one of the judges for Neutrogena Men thinggy.

I can't wait to see him omgosh!

If I'm able to wake up early tomorrow, I'm going to wear something really pretty!
He's always so charming and mature in every TV show. I hope I get to touch his hand or ACCIDENTALLY bump into him or something!!

I'm going to be so excited to see him tomorrow!!! ARGHHHHHH!!!!!
I still remember I will curse every female celebrity he kisses with, and how my aunt took his poster from KBOX just for me!

Okay, we shall leave it tomorrow.
I'm either going to touch him OR take a photo with him OR take a photo OF him. (which is obvious duh)


Anyway, today I went out with Breastyyyyyy! It was a last minute decision coz I was about to pass her her birthday present! At the bus stop, we decided to catch the new movie, Eclipse!

I thought it was quite nice, because in this movie there're much more fighting scenes and Edward Cullen will propose..

Century Square's 2nd floor toilet is the best hangout for camwhores isn't it??

No wonder there're always so many girls taking photos inside. The moment we took the first photo, we were like, "So nice!! Now we know why all these girls take photos in the toilet la.."

Anyway, there're a lot of photos from a few occasions that I have not posted. Well, some photos from Thadshayiniy's birthday! (We went to Hotpot Culture ^^)

Besides projects and deadlines to meet, I just FOUND OUT that I've got BSG-IG investiture this coming monday. What the shit right!

I was supposed to apply for LOA last week(as they take a week to approve) and also to shop for formal wear!

I hope I can get something pretty and formal by then. Haha :)

Alright, it's getting late and I gotta sleep enough so I have enough energy to see my bf tomorrow! SEE YAAAA!

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