Damn bored routinez

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Camwhore hehe :D

It's projects after projects, isn't there anything else?!

How can people actually go out and partyyyy but excel at their studies at the same time?
I think it's mad and insane, especially for slow people like me.

Somehow, I think we all need to destress even though we've got several projects in hand.
For this week, I missed school on Monday due to investiture, and the following weekdays were mostly occupied by projectsss.

What the shit!!

Luckily, We all have a de-stress tool: CAMERA.
Hahahah :)

Jeannette's Macbook effects are mad niceeee. I like :)

Today, I woke up at 10am (ON A SATURDAY, YES) to prepare and meet Rachael at whitesands so we could catch a bus to Compasspoint @ Sengkang. Yes, practically it's all about projects!

I was looking at the directory then I missed the bus 89!!
So I had to make Rach wait for me.. Felt really bad :(

Compasspoint is having a fair i think!!
Omgosh, they're selling many different types of food which are soooooooo tempting. Surprisingly, there's PO.sh brownies too!!

I bought one without hesitation and immediately placed it in my mouth. Yummmmz!


The lovely people :D

Jane says that Jeannette and I look alike!


Seriously, Macbook's camera is like a substitute for the need of a camera. It's clear and has many great effects. You can see yourself while camwhoring tooooo. NICE!

Anyway, I'm off to do my mask nowwww :)
(These days I'm kinda conscious of taking care of my skin.. Must be in the process of turning into a woman soon hehehehe)

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