Friday, August 06, 2010

Didn't know about it, until she asked me if it's because I read it..
Like wow.

I have eyes to see who is TRUE around me and who is not. I know who is USING me, and who has always treated me genuinely.

I've got really good friends whom have been there for me through up and down for 3-8 years, so I damn well know.
And for people who have been using me, talking bad about me, bitchstabbing me, I know. Who fucking cares?

If people are mature to deal with it, then they'll close one eye and let it pass.
Those who aren't, well.. Too bad for them.

If you think I'm accountable for everything, be it then. I don't care. Putting words into my mouth, I'm okay with it.

Time will open up the true character of one, so don't judge too quickly.
You can't expect someone you know barely half a year to be a true friend. Time will tell.

Actually, I don't have to account to anybody. It's my life and my choice.

Especially not to a stranger who know nuts about me. :)

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