National Day Frenzy!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Last week, PART of our class went out and hang out at TM :)

Well, we were supposed to go bowling but the stupid Safra closed it for renovation!
Haha, we went to eat Haagen Daz or whatever you spell it and the ice lemon tea is like so nicezzzz but so freaking expensive.

After that, Jeannette and I went into Cotton On and decided to browse through around.. but ended up buying a cropped striped top and a pair of shorts! Hahaha!!

This is the KITTY that Shanon caught!! IT IS SO DROP DEAD CUTE with its polka dot ribbon.

Anyway, just a random picture of the sky on the same day itself, it's so clear!


It's been so long since I met 4/5 classmates!! Thus, we decided to go out on National Day! :D
We were supposed to meet at 5.30pm, but everyone ended up reaching at 7pm :(

Terence was actually the FIRST to reach. Seriously, I couldn't believe it.. Coz he's got the most yellow forms for being late back then, HAHAHA.

We took the MRT, alighted at City Hall and walked all the way to Marina Square to eat Just Acia. Nvm, anyway it's near the fireworks area, so yeah..

Haiz.. Never change at all!

Jessie and I with cool effects behindddd

Many people were inside Just Acia, so we had to wait for seats outside..

Well, when waiting outside, it was kinda bored... so as a result...... :)

The person behind us is really spooky

Finally, there were seats!!
Yet, we still have to be separated 3- 6 because of the number of people we had :(

Yummy, can't wait to order food!!

I look like shitz here, like BIG TIME

The Zombiee

After ordering, Thadshayiniy ran out to watch the fireworks so I went to find her. So many people were actually outside to capture the fireworks because this year's fireworks have got crescents and stars which represents our national day flag!

LIKE SO COOL. But I didn't managed to catch it. -_-

Seriously, I don't know how many millions billions trillions of people were watching us camwhoring with the flash on -_-

"One two three then I will pretend to turn around but actually I'm posing okay??"
"Okay, one two three!"


Then, the fireworks!!

Well, the rest of the photos were like SUPER blurry compared to these two..
We waited for awhile again for another round of fireworks, but my stomach was grumbling so we went back to eat dinner :D

Yummz, the dory fish with melted cheese is the sexxx!

After dinner, we didn't know where to go so wandered around marina square and took MANY photos. Seriously, MANY.

Guys really like to fold their arms when they take photos one hor??

*Bends down* HAHA!

Nicholas is muscular, Terence is also.. muscular. HAHAH :)


Shaun and Terence!

Cherry the fruit and me :)

Weifeng the businessman attending to his 'client' as usual

The frankenstein

Weifeng and Terence!

Terence and me!

LianJie, Leon and Shaun. They look so shy here, HAHA! But they are.. NOT.


Cherry, Weifeng, Terence!

Me and Weifeng :)

Leon, Terence and Shaun!

See, guys like to fold their arms when they take photos!

Among the BEAUTIFUL flowers....... :) HAHA!

Okay la, we decided it was time to finish and touch up on all the camwhoring session since it was kinda late and everyone had to go home..

One last thing, we saw Eugene!
So surprised to see him there, because it's been so long since we last saw him!!

Hehehe, and yup :)
That's for my National Day '10 with my lovely 4/5 people!

It was indeed wisely spent. :)

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