Bored si ren

Monday, October 18, 2010

Yesterday, I went Chompchomp with Jeslyn and Weifeng! :)
Seriously, the food was sooooooooooooooo damn good there, and not to forget, the durian mousse at Dessert Bowl. No words can express how I felt the moment I tasted the durian mousse.

You guys gotta go!!

When you enter the shop, Dessert Bowl, the smell of durian instantly hit you! Goshhhhh. Gotta upload the photos here when Jeslyn upload it on Facebook! :)

Anyway, this holiday has been by far, the most boring one in my whole entire life because usually, I'd be in Malaysia -_- So yeah, can't believe I'm stuck in Singapore doing the same thing almost everyday.

I haven't even achieved anything yet. Usually I'd set a goal to study this and that, but this holiday, I have no direction nor goal to work towards to.

Think I'm getting fatter but I. DON'T. CARE.

I just don't wanna turn into the next "Britney Spears"

Obviously the photo is photoshopped -_-

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