Goodbye October :)

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

I had a really great month during my 2 months break, especially the month of October. Met alot of awesome colleagues, and I feel so blessed and thankful to know them. 

Guess this is the first job that I really enjoy so much, apart from its long working hours and some fucked up customers. There may be some political shit going on now, however, the people are really nice :) I love the food there!

However, one thing I was quite upset was that I didn't really get to meet my close friends.. Especially my 1B12 clique and 4/5 people :(

Hopefully we'll organise a dinner soon!

Anyway, during the holiday, Thadshayiniy and I went to Timbre to chill out and catch up!! :)

Gotta camwhore on the way~

I remembered we got kinda lost.. Haha but that night, the moon was fucking huge!

 Finally, we found the place! Near the Parliament House.. Haha will never forget this place when we got caught laughing and got scolded by Ms Fong at LKY when he was sleeping -_- HAHA wtf

 YAY!! Finally Timbre we found you.. Felt stupid because we could have alighted at Raffles Place and walked here instead -_-

Deciding what to eat. Anyway guys, we got kinda tricked! HAHA this Timbre doesn't serve mains except for pizzas and some nibbles, it's just a chillout bar.. If you want a proper meal go other Timbre outlets instead!  

But gotta say we really liked the atmosphere because it's windy and cool at night, by the river, and they had beautiful lightings done up to light up the bar :)

 Ordered cocktails.. I forgot what we ordered but it was good!

"Pleasure of sucking" indeed indeed, HAHA

 Some chicken pizza if I'm not wrong for myself! But I don't think I'll ever order this anymore, it's so damn dry :(

 Seafood Pizza for Thadshayiniy, yeah hers was good! Look at those prawns..


 As you can see, I don't even want to finish that damn dry pizza, argh

After Timbre, we walked to the bridge outside Fullerton Hotel (Damn reminds me of the F1 job, ZZZ) we chilled by the river, took some photos hehe :)

After awhile, went to Fullerton Hotel's toilet. We used to do that everytime we come Raffles Place during secondary school, HAHA.. Their toilets are beautiful lah! But if you're WORKING there, you should see the staffs toilet. Hair clogged up etc. Zzzz!

Heh, then we went to Boat Quay's Mac for desserts - Icecream!
Yup, and we headed home because she had to go home early... Haiz :(
Nevertheless, all the times we spent together is priceless!

Anyway, been working super long hours this October, but thankfully, we had a getaway by having a Blackbird staffs' gathering for Hilary's belated birthday..
Went to Flyer and drink:)

 Jason, Hil, me!

 Jason and me!

 Apparently, this was actually a jumpshot but it failed -_- HAHA

 James, Khai and his wife, Hil, Wei, me, Jason and Alex!

 and yes, this is HILARY THE BIRTHDAY GIRL MY LOVER.Wtf wanted to give her the Doraemon card (the one in my hand) after the whole thing, but she saw it -_- 

 "Eh your face smells very nice eh" I remembered telling her that -_- HAHAHA!!

 Kiss 2 :p

 Me & Jason! And look at his face, red as tomato sia -_-

 Me and wei!

 Me, Alex, Hil! I look extra, haha

 HEHE :)

 Me and Alex!

Me and Lim! His eyes like got something eh....... :S HAHA 


Me, Jason and James!

Okay I think this pix our face is kinda red.....

That night, stayed till 5am with just Hil and me, Alex, James and Wei left.. 
Thanks James for sending me home!

Alot of outings but I will blog them all the next time, because I gotta wake up at 9am tomorrow -_- I swear it's damn sian zzz. THATS WHY I MISS HOLIDAYS! I can practically sleep anytime I want :(
Like this morning, I just came back from an overnight mahjong with them.. Haha. Holiday so fucking good lahhhhh!

Off to bed now, goodnight darlings.. :)

P/s: Looking at all these photos makes me sian leh :( because back then I had my eyelashes on :( Recently I had to take them off because it was dropping and dangling halfway already.. So yah I look like a fucking china bitch with swollen eyelids. HAHA. If you see my previous previous previous previous posts, I mentioned that I looked like a vixen with it, but I guess I got so used to the fact I looked like a vixen with the eyelashes oh well VERY RANDOM BUT JUST FELT LIKE TYPING THIS OUT :p

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