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Sunday, June 24, 2012

School's starting in 2 days time!!!!!!!!!!! T_T
I think I'm getting a little depressed becoz I kinda hate school? It's not as fun as it used to be anymore. Or maybe is it I'm building a barrier between myself and shutting others out? I don't know...

So much has happened and I guess I'm just naturally starting to move away from others... I don't wanna be entangled in the same old problem anymore.

You can do so much for someone but sometimes all they have is just a bad intention..... Sigh.

Anyway just a quick update!
Been spending this entire week with Ken, he's also been coming to stayover at my house these few days, of course with my parents' permission.

Days like these I feel really happy. But I feel really friendless HAHA because whenever I'm with him, I kinda forget about the entire world.

At Changi Village waiting for him to fish? Damn I remembered that day CV was filled with transvestites. AND WTF this car filled with guys thought I was one of them, I could have went up to their car and pull the asshole out until they shout, "eh no la, that's a real girl eh!" They have srly fucked eyes. 

Anyway Fadly's working at Gary's Tackle so we went there to visit him too! :)

I'm glad he's enjoying his new job... :)

And here's me and dear getting a bit bored so he HAS to use that dumb tool to pose -_-

And he's driving while stoning.... 

While his mei nu girlfriend camwhores aside :) 

Haiz I think i've been feeling so depressed that I went to cook "quite an instant" pasta for myself and ended up sobbing cos I couldn't open the can of pasta sauce. Literally wtf!

A weird combination because I put too much fishballs in it..

Anyway Mummy came back this week and the best part was that she came back with bunny slippers!! Of cos, it was a gift from my aunt cos she says that its bad to walk barefooted at home.

My cousin did manicure and pedicure for my mum cos she's recently launched a new business in Ipoh :) I always felt that she was really good at all these..

Hehe and went out with Xinyi on Thursday for some shopping. I AM SERIOUSLY BROKE OK. Haven't shop for ages and when I shop it's crazy. She says that I have a fetish for heels.. Haha cos I went shopping for heels as usual!


At night, went to meet dear at Bugis Junction taxi stand as he came by to fetch me! Before he came, I went to grab a box of Twelve Cupcakes for him since there were so many good reviews about it :)

Aren't they pretty!!!! 

Wanted to give dear the whole box but I ended up eating one myself. It's damn good!!! Dear's happy and so am I :)

Went fishing at Punggol and went to my house to sleepover!

Well had a great day...
Gotta enjoy before school fucking starts zzz

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