My laptop is gone

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Yeah, the title says it.

I lost my laptop (with me for 2 years) at Tampines 1's new Coffee Bean. The irony is that there is no CCTV at Coffee bean? Wtf! Nothing has been done (apparently) even though the police said that "we have blah blah blah" BUT hello?! You guys didn't even see my fucking laptop case before. I kept on telling them it is ensleeved with a TP logo but they kept on interrupting whatever I had to say so let the fuck be.


 Anyway my boyfriend has finally invaded into my blog, so YES. Hello my baby boy I love youuuuuuu HAHAH. *waves*

Just wondering if I've missed out anything in my life recently.. Feels like something is amiss. Like somebody's leaving but I can't be there. Sigh.. Miss my friends alot though. With so much going on in my life, dealing with trauma (especially my laptop incident, iphone screen breaking for the 10000th time, ex gf drama) I have to really be strong, and for financial matters, save up for rainy days like these. Now I'm so lost because I have just 60cents in my POSB account. Hahhaa miss those days when I was still financially stable while working at BBC.

This post don't have any photos because I haven't been uploading any photos into his friend's laptop, as it's not very nice to do so. :/ Wish they can fucking find my laptop soon! Damn. But my boyfriend was really nice enough to ask me if I needed his best friend's laptop. And his best friend was also nice enough to let me borrow his laptop. :) Feel so grateful during times like these!

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