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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

I'm really grateful that I have my boyfriend by my side, knowing that no matter what happens, he'll be there for me. I may not be perfect at times, but he still accept me for who I am :)

He's seen my spectacles side, my fugly side, hahahha.

So happyz to have him in my life.
Despite me being a little sensitive and petty sometimes, behaving like a spoiled princess, but he still gives way to me and it makes me feel abit bad. :(

Me & Baby

When he stays over this is the kinda view I'll get, hehe ;)

Anyway just gonna blog about some stuffs that happened a while ago, about a few weeks ago?
I know it's late but I still remember everything vividly. Hehe.

Just so you know, on that Friday when I lost my laptop, he came down specially all the way from his workplace after work just to make me feel better, or according to him, "give me a hug," and we went for supper :)

Went to Xuan Le Dim Sum at changi village, which my family and I have been patronising for more than 6 years, hahaha. Love their fried prawn dumpling and siew mai!

Tried out their new custard bun.. It was just average. Wonder what's the craze over custard bun cos it's just average..

I LOVE/AM IN LOVE with this chicken mushroom steamed rice since forever :) Yum!

Went to JB with him to have our all-time favourite abalone noodle and our ai-yu jelly drink! Yummy!
After that we went to pump petrol and had his car washed.

The next morning, we walked around Downtown East and decided to have some Taiwan food for brunch, heh.

Xi Men's curry chicken cutlet rice! Super shiok :)

Well, another occasion was that after a day of school and projects (till 8pm), Dear brought me out to eat Thai food at Nakhon Kitchen , Bedok.
Everyone knows where is it except for me....... :(

He said the tomyam soup was really good.

Yum! Our dishes arrived less than 5 minutes!

Supposedly to be Kangkong but in the end..

Cashew Chicken! It was really good!

This tom yum. Looks normal but it KILLS. Hahah it was so spicy that the first time I drank it, I gulped down 1/3 of my water. But it was really good!

Basil Minced Pork.

After that dinner, we went to the nearby Ikea and did some "married couple" shopping.. Um, at least it did feel like we're married hahahaha. Oh well, he bought some necessities for his room.

And on Monday, went out with Dear and we walked around Bugis after he accompanied me to print my catalogue for my project. He changed his Iphone back to a Transformer logo. Super darn cool! He loves it~

Anyway headed to his house to have dinner cooked by his Mum, and we went to fishing with Fadly and Shahirah at Punggol Marina Club. I kinda was abit upset cos Dear kept on telling me "last one last one" and I was super tired that day and worried about Tuesday's presentation :/

But I wanted him to enjoy so I just said continue with his own game.. Hmm. But anyway he caught a really super big fish!

3kg! - Dear was super excited. Hehe but he looks so skinny here.. Sigh.

A closeup of the fish

The next day was my first presentation! - Sales Presentation!!
Did a few rehearsals.. But still felt nervous cos we didn't know what to say :/

Hehhe tired but waiting for our turn

After presentation, felt abit more confident!!!! Our group! With Najlaa missing :/

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