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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Am finally back from a one month long holiday!!!!

Muhahaha, yes it's a freaking one month long vacation, and non-stop fun, laughters, adventures, food and soaking up the sun! Travelled to Bali (Indonesia), Krabi (Thailand), and lastly Kota Kinabalu! (Sabah, Malaysia)
This year must be my lucky year since it's not everyday that my boyfriend gets to travel with me for ONE WHOLE MONTH. He's working in the F&B industry so it's really hard for him to take off so I'm really grateful we had all these time to ourselves to bond and go through new experiences together :)

Meanwhile, I'm just uploading all the photos and (obviously) editing them in Photoshop cos they'll look even prettier! (and by that I don't mean photoshopping my face if that's what you're thinking :P)

Bali has been such a beautiful place, with great local delights, vibrant nightlife, and endless shops for us girls to shop to our delight - Think Roxy/Ripcurl bikinis at factory warehouse prices!! 

As usual, I'll be including all the reviews, tips and MUST-DO activities in Bali.

Anyway, the above photo was taken on Valentine's Day.
Yes, Valentine's Day! I spent my freaking Valentine's Day in Bali... Best moment ever :) Except for that one embarassing moment was that I was soooo stuffed from dinner at Mama San (omg I will blog about that later - BEST DINNER IN BALI EVER!) that I had to borrow the opposite pharmacy's toilet to puke my dinner out -_- Such a turn off but whatever.

But Bali has been good to my boyfriend and I! Except for the weather and some of the pushy locals of cos :(
We were practically HARASSED by every shop owners that we passed by. They literally grabbed my arm and I had to seek help from my boyfriend to rescue the distressed damsel.. Hahahaha. And one annoying thing was that we wanted to head over to Nusa Dua Beach but it rained the whole morning and afternoon so we sat at our hotel's nearby Starbucks reading up about the missing Japanese divers all afternoon. Bummer.

Other than that, it was really good!
Bought Ripcurl/Roxy bikinis and surfshorts at only like 1/3 of Singapore's retail prices?!
And the factory outlets were so cheap, way cheaper than SG's so called "outlet stores."
Food was good because we relied on Tripadvisor to bring us to the top rated cafes/restaurants.. Oh man I'm missing the food!

Well, stay tuned because not only is my Bali trip post coming up, there'll be Krabi and Kota Kinabalu too! :)

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