CNY shopping spree!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Wanna be a twit?
Want to have the cutest face ever and attract all the guys in friendster?

Fear not....... has released a new twit product which can turn you into a beautiful twit!!

Firstly, you have to look like this:

And with our magical product.....................

Yes, we are having a special offer now so come and buy it at only $5.99!!!

It is non-comedogenic and is dermatologically tested!!
So order it now @!

You can contact me at 91234567, im available 24/7!

Don't be shy, just give me a call and say the secret code,
"iie wantx tuu buy the secret poti0nx nehx! sh0 sh0 cheap cheap iie mustx buyy iif n0rt the 0ther cibaixs will buyy euu n0ex.. ___(quantity) bottle(s) plshh.. iie am ___ (your name eg.xiia0 wawax), tiish year iish __(your age) yearx 0ldx.. studyiinqq in _____ (your school eg. twiitsareflat) sch00lx.."


Alright, back to my main topic: CNY shopping spree!!

I have to ask my dad for some money before going on a really crazy shopping spree with friends.

I just love CNY can?!!
You get to buy new gorgeous clothes and get money! =)

Saw some pretty clothes in Esprit with Breast(Okay, from today onwards whenever I mention breast, it is referring to T Thadshayiniy!!) today.
I swear that shop has the most gorgeous black clothes ever!!!!

Lol, but today we had a really good time..


Today, the population of the twits and retards were high, so we got to laugh more.

While having lunch at Long John Silver, I did something so fucking embarassing and disgusting!!
OMG breast and I were laughing for 15 minutes la!!

And DUH, I'm not going to blog about it and tell you guys what I did.
(PS. Btw, it has nothing to do with sex, you horny pervs)


The guys beside our tables were looking at me as if I come from Pluto or something.


But nevermind.
We still got to laugh at retards okay!

Picture of the day:

This kind of skinny jean(shown above) looks good, but not the coloured ones!

What the fuck is going on with people nowadays?
I mean, practically everyone is wearing it.

Nono, I don't mean everyone.

The very first person I saw wearing skinny jeans was Mary-Kate Olsen.
It look good, really good especially with those high pumps.

But now, what's happening to them?
Emo people are getting their hands on these jeans and spoiling them by trying their own retarded fashion style.

I'm not trying to insult anyone's style, because I myself stick to my own style too.

Like what my MSN personal msg was a few weeks ago,
"Fashion come and go, but style is forever."

But when a group of people are dressing up as emo people, it is not STYLE anymore.
It is trend.

Haiz, skinny jeans are great but don't be emo with these jeans la.
Please try some other shorts or something, maybe with Calvin Klein underwears or bra I don't care!!

Let the glamorous people wear them and show you how it's done!!

And not just with your black Avenged Sevenfold T-shirt!!
*roll eyes*

Oh, that was meant for emo people =)

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