CNY shopping spreee!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

So after many posts about CNY shopping spree, I finally went on one, with THADSHAAYINIY.

Went Bugis Junction and as usual, there were many twits.

I don't understand, fatness.

It's pretty nice.. but don't understand why she's wearing a beach hat on a rainy day though.

Tragic sight, but still we have to continue our journey hunting for gorgeous clothes..

While walking, something jumped out and swing towards us!!!



Looks like Chucky the doll killer right?!

We entered the shop Viola and that's where I bought my first top!

Ya la, this is my CNY top! Thadsha choose it for me. Bought it for $29.90! HAHAAHAHA :)

Hehehehe :)

So we walked, searching for other more nice tops..
But apparently, the clothes there were either 50 bucks and more, so we went to Bugis Street and search for more gorgeous ones..

We walked past this store which was selling perfume bottles.

I was so fascinated by the pumpy ones from the 80s that I took a picture of the perfumes..
But the auntie looked so irritated by me. Thadsha added more oil to the fire by saying "Waa you behave like a tourist you know!!" I slapped Thadsha's back and told her, "See laa why you call me take pictures ahh!"

And I walked away in embarassment.

Pretty...... :(

But before we leave, there's just one thing we needed to do.................


We walked slowly to bugis street(since it was so near) and got a glimpse at some performance by botak china men..

And these two little children got scolded by the security guard for 'bathing' there illegally..
I guess the security guard didn't want the two kids to pollute the water with their smelly sweat and their cum. (Cos they were playing with those kind of sexually pleasurable looks)

Hahas, so they walked away angrily without masturbating. Awwwww :(

The breast affair!

And Thadsha was telling me about this cute guy..
(Right side of the picture)


Kiasu Singaporeans watching China people performing..

We went Bugis Street and there were so many clothes and bags la!!!!!

Shopping heaven can??!

The price range are $5-$30 over there.
Hahas, cheap yet chic!

While walking with all sorts of people (twits, gays, lesbians, ah lian ah beng, emo people, perverts), finally I found one CUTE DRESSSS!!!!!!!!!!

Bought it at a unbelievably cheap price!!! =)

Hahas, after squeezing, being touched, being squashed at Bugist Street, we decided that it was enough.

But before that, we entered the Zinc Shop because Thadsha saw a cute malay guy... but there was a indian guy who kept staring at Thadsha's incredibly huge boobs..

When we were about to leave, the cute malay guy (as defined by Thadsha breast) asked for her number and claimed to be asking on behalf of that indian guy who stared at her nehneh.

Hahas, of course she didn't give la..

"That guy look so fucking ugly I don't want to give laaaaa"
"SHIT!! just now I help you give you know!!!"
"FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!"
"But I gave the last number wrongly."

Hahaha, we spent 30 minutes laughing at retards and the asking number thing and laughed our way to the Mrt Station.

When we reached Whitesands, Breast stopped me from leaving the train and shouted, "LOOK THERE LETS TAKE A PICTURE!"

And taadaaaaaa!
she took a retarded cannot-even-see picture of us in the train -.-

At the same time, we saw many NS guys at Whitesands!

Some were so damn cute laaaaaa! Hehehehee =)

But anyway, we went to Ice Lemon Tee to get some nice tops, but I got another tube top instead.
Anyway, it's' only $10.95.. so whatever lor!

Hehe, the ribbon's the best =)

After that, we went to the toilet and did our favourite thing.




HAHAHAAH :) THANK YOU FOR tolerating my camwhore-ness.

"iie am twiitx w0rhx!"

heexheex.. iie lurbbx breastx!

There'll always be a retarded side of us. hehehe.

After our camwhoring session, we went to MacDonalds and grab a bite.
THADSHA BREAST FORCED ME TO EAT and I went back home with a huge stomach and I almost vomitted la!

But the good thing is that she went back home with a huge stomach and the feeling to vomit like me too ;)

HAHAHAAHAS. But anyway, thank you darl for putting up with my fickleness and the bugis street human jam!!!! :D


"Whatever it is, he's just a dick. a jerk. a retard. Just fuck off from my life, asshole."

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